Boom Beach Frontlines is going to have a closed alpha playtest this June

For 15,000 players of North America and Europe

Boom Beach Frontlines, a game being developed by Space Ape in partnership with Supercell and based in Boom Beach universe, is going to enter a closed alpha playtest in June. This time around, the game’s playtest will be coming to both Android and iOS and 11,000 players will be joining the 4000 who’ve already tried out the game.

The Closed Alpha Playtest would last for 2 weeks from June 4th to June 21st. All the information regarding this Closed Alpha was revealed in a YouTube video from the official Boom Beach Frontlines YouTube Channel

Boom Beach Frontlines June playtest will be only available in the West

5000 players will be chosen from North America and the rest from Europe. Players will be able to play till HQ8 with new troops, power-ups and vehicles. A new map will be replacing one of the older one. There’s a bunch of gameplay changes including better, more smarter AI and art changes. There’s a new dynamic audio system now which adapts itself to what’s going on in the game. There’s new sound effects, voice overs and even a battle announcer!

boom beach frontlines, boom beach frontlines clan
Boom Beach Frontlines Clan

Aside from that, games won’t end in dissatisfying draws anymore and instead there would be tie-breakers to declare a winner. At the end of overtime, the player with the most HP would win.

Lots of exciting features

One of the other major announcements is the ability to link your Supercell ID to the game on android. iOS would get the feature soon as well. Playing with friends is also going to be a possibility and you can create a squad of three players. Ranking and leaderboards have also been very popular suggestions and that is going to get added after the closed alpha. Clans and Alliances are going to become a part of the game as well.

Other things mentioned include improved matchmaking and better loadout randomization, bug fixes and another thing to note is that the progress you make during this closed alpha would not be saved but if everything goes smoothly, there would actually be a closed beta soon. If you’re interested in joining the closed alpha playtest, make sure to join their official discord before the 2nd of June where players will be picked and given the how-to-enlist instructions. That’s all that was revealed about the game but more information will hopefully emerge once the playtest is over.

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