Brawl Stars: Mystery of the missing Brawl Stars Championship Trophy

Brawl Stars has always surprised us with ways to tease updates. The lore has been an integral part of the game since its beta days. It continues to be so even after introducing so many characters. Last year we had got to know about Starr park through various teasers in the form of a website, WKBRL. The live stream ran for months giving us hints and streamers getting merchandise from employees of the park. When a video was released in March 2021, The Brawl Stars esports channel had started speculation among the players who are invested in the lore and theory crafters, if it is indicative of the upcoming content in Brawl Stars. In this article, we will go through the mystery behind the missing Brawl Stars Championship Trophy.

Brawl Stars Championship Trophy: Video series

Emergency Notice of Brawl Stars Championship Trophy

First video

The first video gave us no specific hints. It shows us the high-security facility in which the trophy was stored. Some of the people in the community believed that Colette could be the perpetrator as she likes to collect things but no evidence was there so we cannot be sure. Thus, there is a mystery that needs to be figured out about the Brawl Stars Championship Trophy.

Second video

Brawl Stars Mystery Championship Trophy
Evidence scans in the trophy room

In the second video, there are traces of nail polish, grime, grease, and oil. There are also footmarks in the oil smudge. Also whoever stole the trophy cut into the glass (Pointing towards Surge since he uses a lightsaber). The nail polish can be attributed to the emo teenager Edgar. Oil is used by various robots in the game so they are still in the scheme of things along with Amber, who is also associated with oil.

Stu is out of suspicion as there are traces of footprints and Stu uses a wheel to move. There is also a weird white colour cloth on the ground. This is revealed to be a bandage by Emz in the next video. Belle could be another potential person of interest as she is a known robber. At the end of the second video, it is Edgar who is on top of the list of suspicion with Amber and Belle second and third respectively.

Third video

Brawl Stars Mystery Championship Trophy
A sneak-peek to the party during the night of theft

In the third video, we hear that Emz is talking about a party. We can see the likes of Frank, Rico, Colt, Sprout, Piper, Mortis, Nita, Leon, Max, Brock, Poco, Squeak and Bibi at the party. So all of these people are cleared of the theft. Emz clarifies that the bandage at the vault didn’t belong to her. This puts our attention towards the other brawlers with bandages which is Shelly.

We have visuals of a few rooms. If we look keenly in the first room, which has Frank. We see a book which is titled “How to be Evil” with a symbol which we had seen in the last video. The symbol resembles the design on Virus 8 bit’s head. It is also to be remembered that 8 Bit is not present at the party, thus, he could well be the mastermind behind the plan. So the suspects are Edgar, Darryl, Shelly, 8 Bit, Jacky, Tara, Crow, Surge, Colette, Lou, Mr P, Byron, Pam, Jessie, Bea, Sandy, El Primo, Rosa, Bo, Nani, Gene, Gale, Ruffs, Bull, Amber, Dynamike, Penny, Barley, Tick and Belle with evidence against Edgar, Shelly, Amber. We can rule out Jessie as she is a child and the probability of her being the thief is low.

Fourth video

In the fourth part of the series, we have Tara using her vision to analyze the crime scene using the bandage, broken piece of glass and a piece of paper all found inside the vault. An interesting detail from the video is that the hand that reaches out for the trophy has a golden bracelet.

Fifth video

In the fifth part, it is confirmed that Virus 8 bit, Arch-villain Bea, Evil Gene, and Dark Lord Spike conceived the plan to steal the trophy. It is important to note, that though it was their plan, they themselves didn’t steal the trophy. They also planted decoy pieces of evidence to misdirect the investigation. The distractions planted by them are keeping people busy at Frank’s party and using a dark substance (oil, grease), bandage, wrestling belt, king’s crown. They also targeted Carl, Emz, and Edgar to be used as the fall guys.

Brawl Stars Mystery Championship Trophy
The mastermind plan to steal the Brawl Stars Championship trophy

We finally get a huge hint in the form in this video which suggests that the thief was a girl. There is a possibility that the thief had visited Frank’s party because the masterminds gave the thief the book “How to be evil”, which we had found out in the third video.

Therefore, with all these hints, the remaining brawlers who are under suspicion are all the female brawlers excluding Emz, Piper, Max, Nita, Bibi, since they were at the party. We could also exclude Tara since she has helped in the investigation and Bea since she was one of the people who had conceived the plan. It is also natural to rule out Jessie since she is a child, highly unlikely to be the thief.

Sandy weirdly is left out at the end of this video even though he is a boy. This could be a mistake or maybe the perpetrators mistakenly assumed Sandy to be a girl which might be possible. This is because a lot of people in the community thought Sandy was a girl when he was released. The evidence from the fourth video is also indicative of the brawler being either one of Tara, Sandy and Amber. In the last video, we saw a hand approaching the trophy. Tara is ruled out since she is assisting in the investigation. In the end, we have all of the brawlers laughing evilly. Since Spike doesn’t have a voice of his own, he uses an automated voice so that he doesn’t feel left out.

Sixth video

In the sixth video, all the female brawlers who are considered potential thieves are brought together at a place. Colette does give some of the brawlers the clean chit by informing the location of the brawlers at the time of the theft. Staying true to her fangirl nature, Colette follows everyone and therefore Rosa, Bea, Amber, Shelly, Penny, Nani, Pam and Jacky are no longer suspects.

This leaves us with Jessie and Belle, if we believe Colette is saying is true. Belle is a criminal mastermind and is notorious for partaking in heists. Therefore, she can be ruled out because the chief conspirators had given a “How to be evil” book to the thief. This book, in all probability, won’t be required by Belle. Also, Belle being a mastermind would not be naive enough to leave behind evidence that could be traced back to her. Therefore, Jessie has the highest chances of being the thief based on all the evidence available.

Some smudge footmarks are similar to the marks which are found near the safe in the second video. Regarding the golden bracelet, which we saw in Tara’s vision in the fourth video, Jessie is slated to get a remodel soon. It is expected that the bracelet is a part of her new model. Jessie is also a part of the junkyard trio. She has used her engineering skills to use scrappy (her turret). Therefore, she could have used her skills and tools to cut the glass that was holding the trophy.

Thoughts after six videos

To sum it up, the culprit could be either Jessie or Colette. Jessie has all the evidence against her, making her the prime suspect. There is a very small chance of Colette misguiding the investigation by giving a false statement. However one should keep in mind that this is also a possibility. We can be in for a surprise, considering Supercell’s track record. This could also be a build-up to a new brawler that might be coming into the game. The series of videos could be a teaser for the upcoming brawler, to be a part of the villain trio to complement the Superhero trio.

Seventh Video

In this video, Belle clears herself of the charges. While it was pretty evident that Belle wasn’t the thief because the conspirators had given a how to be evil book to the thief and Belle being a mastermind known for her heist but Belle removes even the slightest of suspicion. She states the following reasons for her innocence : She would never make the mistake of leaving even a single gold coin back at the safe and the kit used by the thief to make the robbery possible is very high tech which Belle doesn’t possess. In the end, she points at Jessie as the person responsible for the crime. The video leaves us with the thought why did Jessie steal the trophy ?

Eight Video

Jessie accepts her crime and gives details on how she executed the plan. Jessie fed up with the mistreatment she faced during the last year in Brawl Stars universe decided to take an action to put an end to her misery. Jessie also introduces players to her Feline friend and players also get to Jessie in a new outfit. Cat Burglar Jessie could be added in the next update and is it also possible that we see her Feline friend in the game.

Cat Burglar Jessie with the Brawl Stars Mystery Championship Trophy

Kit, the cat brawler was going to release in January Brawl talk but the last moment change saw Colonel Ruffs being added to the game. With over 10 months elapsing from the aforementioned brawl talk players can expect to see Kit being added to the game sooner rather than later. At the end of the video, we see that Jessie has lost possession of the trophy in the pile of trash in the junkyard.

What is your take on the mystery of the missing Brawl Stars Championship Trophy? Who do you think is the culprit? Make sure to comment below!

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