Call of Dragons: Farlight Games’ MMOSLG is now available on PC and Mobile devices

Master all terrains and wreak havoc on the! battlefield

The immensely successful RPG Dislyte‘s developers, Farlight Games, announced that their fantasy MMOSLG title Call of Dragons is now available on PC and mobile platforms. High fantasy themes are combined with intense real-time strategy conflict on a vast, infinitely zoomable battlefield in Call of Dragons.

Set out with a fleet of strong, fire-breathing Behemoths to seize control of neighboring kingdoms. Form alliances with other players after fortifying your village, building up your force, and fortifying your settlement.

Experience visually stunning places with a roster of unique fantasy heroes in Call of Dragons

A diverse and gorgeous location is home to a variety of distinctive heroes and factions in Call of Dragons. Players can complete missions and quests to reveal magical “Artifact Skills” that will empower their hero. Let the real fun begin with a variety of different combat tactics you can use, such as invisibility.

Call of Dragons Release
Image via Farlight Games

As players travel through the country of Tamaris, they will come across enormous Behemoths like the Giant Bear. They must tame the behemoths using the skills they have learned. Once players have slain these beats around the world, they’ll be able to take benefit of their skills and deploy them in combat.

Join an adventure in the vast land of Tamaris and raise your dragons

Explore the immense country of Tamaris, which is home to a variety of unusual, arcane natives, each with its fighting techniques. Join an adventure with an orc who enjoys eating pastries, an elf archer who can perform spells, and thousands of other companions, each with a unique personality. And, of course, we can’t forget one of the primary draws of the game: the dragons!

Call of Dragons Rule the World
Image via Farlight Games

Raise dragons from eggs to adults and give them orders to scour the battleground. Players can also tame bosses and add them to their coalition, using them to defeat rival dragons, resolve clan disputes, and pursue the game’s final goal: the submission of the imperial dragon.

Explore villages, play mini-games and obtain exciting rewards

Call of Dragons is an experience that combines complex PVP mechanics with rich high-fantasy lore to create something as legendary as the dragons themselves. Exploration pays off for the inquisitive, with treasures to be found around every bend. Explore the villages to uncover Song Fragments—shattered fragments of ancient melodies that tell the history of Tamaris and fill out the game’s rich storylines—unlock minigames, side quests, and other content.

Along with the Call of Dragons global launch, the Tamaris Season 1 map is also unveiled. The map ranges from steep mountains to sparse meadowlands, creating a variety of interesting fights along the way.

Call of Dragons, developed by LEGOU Games and published by Farlight Games is now available to download on PC, Android, and iOS. Players can visit the official website or follow on Facebook, YouTube, and Discord for more game updates.

Are you excited as Call of Dragons is now available on PC and mobile devices? Let us know in the comment section below!

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