Call of Dragons September 2023 update brings new features, updated in-game content, and more

Farlight Games, known for their immensely popular RPG Dislyte, expresses great excitement as they unveil the commencement of the September 2023 update in the highly successful fantasy conquest title, Call of Dragons. This September 2023 update includes new gameplay, real-time strategic combat, full 3D topography, and more in Call of Dragons.

Call of Dragons, a role-playing game set in the enchanted land of Tamaris, combines high fantasy themes with intense real-time strategic battles on a vast, infinitely zoomable battlefield. Set out with a fleet of strong, fire-breathing Behemoths to seize control of neighboring kingdoms or form alliances with other players after fortifying your town, building up your army, and fortifying your settlement.

What are the new features in Call of Dragons September 2023 update

All-New Gameplay

Call of Dragons now offers a wide range of new MMO-like gameplay, including PvE and GvE (Guild vs. Environment) combat, where eight different types of Behemoth await you, each with their own unique combat tactics.

Strategic Freedom

Call of Dragons allows for fine-tuned, real-time tactical decisions on the battlefield, giving you true freedom to exercise your strategic know-how. Set your forces, engage the enemy in a game of cat-and-mouse, set up an ambush on a critical enemy supply route, or cut off your opponent’s only means of escape.

Call of Dragons September 2023 update
Image via Farlight Games

True 3D Terrain

Tamaris’ rich landscape of mountains, rivers, valleys, tundra, and countless other features isn’t just for show – it’s one of the most important features of the gameplay.

In-game Translation System

Language is no longer a barrier to cooperation, as Call of Dragons can automatically translate other players’ messages into your native language, allowing you to build truly globe-spanning alliances!

Image via Farlight Games

The War Pet update, which was just released by Farlight Games, enables users to seize their very own fierce yet charming War Pets to accompany them as they travel over the enormous continent of Tamaris.

In collaboration with War Pets, Farlight Games is holding the Call of Dragons Pet CompAInion Combat competition, in which participants can submit images of their cherished animals to see how their particular Call of Dragons-style pet will appear. Once registered, players can join the grand prize drawing for a chance to win an iPad, a PlayStation 5, or a trip to explore animals in Australia, Madagascar, or China.

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