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Call of Duty Mobile Comics: The final series for 2021 Season 11 will drop on 16th January

The last event of 2021 titled “Final Snow” will conclude soon

The Call of Duty franchise is known for its exciting storylines in all of its games. After the game was launched on mobile it had all the unique multiplayer game modes which were present in the PC games but there was not a mode with storylines i.e. campaign mode. Activision came up with something different and started dropping COD Mobile in-game comics with unique storylines that took place over a calendar year. The storyline for 2021 Season 11 Call of Duty Mobile comics 2021 which is still in progress will conclude on January 16th, 2022.

However, with the arrival of a brand new year and resetting the season number to one, it is yet to be seen how this comic continues in the future.

Storyline for final series of 2021 Call of Duty Mobile Comics Season 11

The main characters of the latest issue are Soap, Keegan, Templar, Ghost, and Vagr Modir. They have signed up for a dangerous mission with high stakes involved. Their objective is to infiltrate a military base located in the Arctic and destroy the Dark Covenant.

Both Templar and Ghost have some personal business to take care of. For Templar, he must rescue his daughter Sophia and for Ghost, it is a confrontation with an old enemy for one last time.

Climax to be filled with action and suspense

When the team lands on the enemy base they face full frontal assault from their enemies. One of their comrades loses a leg but Ghost and Templar keep pushing forward. The former kills his enemy and the latter rescues his daughter.

Call of Duty Mobile Comics
COD Mobile Comics (Image via Activision)

Ghost keeps searching for the Dark Covenant and Templar returns with his daughter to the landing zone where a chopper is waiting for takeoff. At the last moment, Templar orders the pilot to keep her daughter safe if anything happens to him and then he goes down to assist his comrades on the battlefield.

In the final series of this event, we will find out whether the team will succeed in destroying the base and get out of there in time.

Are you excited for the final series of the Season 11 Call of Duty Mobile Comics? Let us know in the comments below!

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