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Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 leaks: Zombie mode, 20v20 games and more

Call of Duty Mobile is trending among the mobile gaming community at this moment. Just after the release, it is already breaking records. Recently Sensor Tower reported that the game has bagged over 100 Million downloads in just 1 week. And that is much higher than the other popular titles like PUBG Mobile, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Masters etc. However, the craze does not stop here as leaks are started floating about this game. Various sources reported Call of Duty Mobile season 2 leaks which clearly shows a massive 20v20 game mode, zombie mode and many more things. So, without any further ado, let us see them in detail.

Zombie Mode in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of duty mobile zombie mode, cod mobile zombie
Call of duty mobile zombie mode

Getting the zombie mode in Call of Duty Mobile is a hot topic in the community at this moment. Youtube videos and leaks about the zombie mode are getting spread like a wildfire. So what is there in the zombie mode? Leaks (from the Chinese version of the Call of Duty Mobile) suggest that the zombie mode is going to be a PvE boss battle. The attached photo shows the game mode name as “Green Run”. In the boss battle, the boss or the zombie is going to have a big amount of HP and the mission for the players will be killing the zombie/boss.

cod mobile zombie mode, call of duty mobile zombie leak

And once the players defeat the boss, there will be a cool animation showing how the boss is getting his death.

call of duty mobile boss battles, cod mobile zombie
The end animation of Call of Duty Mobile boss battles

However, there are rumours that there might be two different game modes for the zombies only. One is only about killing the bosses and another is a mixed-up of boss battles and zombies.

zombie mode in call of duty mobile
3D models of Zombie Dog and the Boss

Data Mining of the game also suggests that there will be new perks for the Zombie mode. See the photo below.

new perks in cod mobile

3 New Maps might arrive (Update: Already arrived in the game)

Hijacked, Nuketown and Standoff are the 3 popular maps from the Call of Duty Franchise. These might appear with the Call of Duty Season 2. However, these were already available during the closed beta phase of Call of Duty Mobile.

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More Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 leaks: 20v20 game mode

20v20 game mode in call of duty mobile, call of duty mobile season 2 leaks

Probably this is among the biggest Call of Duty Mobile season 2 leaks. Take a careful look at the photo. The top right corner shows that it is Call of Duty Mobile season 2. And at the bottom of the photo, you can see the 20v20 game mode option. Despite the authenticity of the source of the image, it will be great to see matches like this.

Haloween themed items and Lucky Spin

Halloween themed backpacks in Call of Duty Mobile, cod mobile leaks, call of duty mobile leaks
Halloween themed backpacks in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile season 2 leaks also suggest Haloween themed items. In the attached photo you can see two Halloween themed bag. As the Haloween is approaching, players can expect more items, gun skins and other stuff related to Halloween will appear in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of duty mobile Halloween luckyspins
Call of duty mobile Halloween lucky-spins

With the arrival of Halloween in Call of Duty Mobile, there will be lucky-spins which will hopefully grant the players some free items or CP. We do not have more information on the lucky spin to share with you all.

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Is that all for the Call of Mobile season 2 leaks?

Absolutely no! As time goes on, there will be much more leaks that will float around and we will make sure to update this article. However, there has been another rumour about the arrival of the Bowie knife and Tactical knife in call of Duty Mobile. Please find the embedded Reddit post about this.

When the Zombie mode and the Call of Duty Mobile season 2 will arrive?

As most of the leaks are related to Halloween, so we can expect that the Zombie mode will arrive with the Halloween. However, season 1 of Call of Duty Mobile is ending on November 15, so season 2 will surely arrive after November 15th. But Halloween this year is 15 days before the end of season 1, so expecting dates of the features to arrive is a tough task. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

We would like to thank u/Mmaxum from Reddit for providing us with many of the valuable information about the Call of Duty Mobile leaks.

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This is awesome! Can’t wait to play Zombie Mode. The new backpack and knives also look pretty cool but i’m more interested in the Zombie thing. I got quite a few Call of Duty games but I’ve never tried the Zombie Mode in any of them so it will definitely be interesting to play something other than Team Deathmatch 😁


Definitely. The Zombie mode seems really exciting. 🙂

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