Capcom establishes State-of-the-Art Motion Capture Studios in Osaka, Japan

Capcom levels up for some motion capture gaming upgrades!

According to the latest developments in the industry, Capcom has reportedly established a new Creative Studio in Osaka, Japan which will also have a couple of motion capture studios entitled to it. This new establishment marks Capcom’s efforts to enhance the level of gaming. The new studio was unveiled on April 10th.

Capcom’s new studio will be the largest of its kind in the country

Capcom’s new studio will give the developers the ability to outperform the competition and produce more high-end games on the respective platforms. As stated before the new studio will be equipped with two motion capture studios giving an extra edge to the developers in terms of game production.

The larger of the two will be boasting an impressive shooting range of 11m x 15m x 5m and is fitted with 150 high-resolution cameras, making it the largest motion capture studio in Japan. The studio will allow up to 10 performers to be recorded simultaneously, this will allow the developers to record unique stunts and complex performances easily without compromising much on the quality.

The studio alongside offering the motion-capturing feature will also offer integration with Capcom’s proprietary game development engine, namely the RE engine which is famous for being used in Capcom’s games from other hit series like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

The developers aim to fully demonstrate their development capabilities

The developers reportedly quoted “Through the establishment of the best development environment, we will fully demonstrate our outstanding game development capabilities, continue to create game titles full of originality and meet the expectations of our users” in their press release. This new development is sure to provide the developers with essential tools needed to enhance the gaming experience for the fans with the upcoming game titles.

Capcom Motion Capture Studios
Image via Capcom

It is also to be noted that the development of these creative studios is still in progress and even more motion capture studios can be expected to be added to the developer’s arsenal. How these studios will enhance the gaming experience of Capcom’s upcoming titles will be very interesting to see.

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