Cats & Soup celebrates its 2nd anniversary with ‘Baby Kitty’ Content Update

Enjoy a four-week Anniversary event Extravaganza

Cats & Soup announced the release of the delightful ‘Baby Kitty’ feature within their beloved idle game to celebrate its fabulous 2nd anniversary.

Experience a whimsical journey during the four-week anniversary event extravaganza in Cats & Soup

The interactive feature titled ‘Baby Kitty‘ takes players on a whimsical journey as it introduces in-game furball companions. Players can build ‘Travel Essentials Shop‘ and ‘Baby Kitty’s House‘ facilities, all while collecting ‘Golden Butterflies‘ to explore iconic global destinations and share treasured travel photos on their social feeds.

The Four-Week Anniversary Event Extravaganza invites participants to dive into ‘Chapter Missions‘ to unravel captivating Cats & Soup lore, unlocking ‘2nd Anniversary Commemorative Skins‘ and exclusive treasures. Limited-edition lamps, costumes, and furniture are available for feline companions.

Players can also meet the unique ‘American Curl‘ feline friend and explore new forest facilities, including an ingredient station and a chill-out rest spot. Musical cats add to the entertainment by spinning the DJ turntables.

Celebrate the 2nd anniversary with amazing rewards in Cats & Soup

For the ultimate cat-seekers, there are exciting limited-time packages available, such as the ‘Limited Cat Tickets Set‘ featuring exclusive limited-edition cats and the ‘Picnic Skin Package‘ with a cake party skin to enhance the Cats & Soup experience.

The game now introduces ‘Friend Recommendation‘ for exclusive rewards. Players can share the game download link with friends to earn goodies, including the ‘2nd Anniversary Limited Hot Air Balloon Skin’ for both themselves and their friends.

Are you excited to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Cats & Soup with the ‘Baby Kitty’ Content Update and other rewards? Let us know in the comments below!

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