Cats & Soup hits 40 million downloads on global Android and iOS markets

The purrrfectly adorable relaxing idle game crossed yet another milestone!

NEOWIZ is pleased to announce that their popular idle game Cats & Soup has achieved a remarkable milestone of 40 million cumulative downloads since its launch in January. After reaching 30 million cumulative downloads on both Google Play and Apple App Store in November last year, Cats & Soup has experienced tremendous growth in just 5 months. The game has gained popularity among millions of players worldwide due to its simple gameplay, charming illustrations, and various relaxing in-game features.

Spring into fun with Cat & Soup Cherry Blossom Event

To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Cats & Soup team is pulling out all the stops with a new Attendance Board Log-in Event that offers players the opportunity to earn exclusive in-game rewards, such as a crown outfit and other rare limited-edition costumes.

Cats & Soup
Image via NEOWIZ

Additionally, in celebration of the arrival of spring, the developers have introduced the delightful Cherry Blossom Event. During this event, players can acquire special Cherry Blossom tokens by participating in a monopoly-like in-event Dice Game, which can be traded in for limited-edition costumes, Star Macarons, Observatory Tickets, and other coveted items until May 2nd.

Furthermore, players can look forward to the addition of two new facilities and a fresh cat. The Crushing Garlic facility allows cats to pound and crush garlic using a mortar and pestle, while the Campfire Rest facility provides a cozy spot for cats to relax in front of a warm fire.

Celebrate the 40 million downloads milestone with new facilities, Cat Companion, and more

In the upcoming update, players of the game will have the opportunity to enjoy two new facilities and meet a new cat companion. The Crushing Garlic facility allows cats to pound and crush garlic using a mortar & pestle, while the Campfire facility provides a cozy spot for cats to relax in front of a warm fire.

Exciting news for the Cats & Soup community, a new cat named Cloudy Ragdoll with a blue coat and cloudlike tips will be added to the game. This cute new friend will randomly appear in the Observatory facility and can be saved in players’ storage using the Kitty Trip feature until May 2.

Cats & Soup 40 million downloads

In addition, players will now have the option to purchase items and packages that were previously only available for a limited time through the new Time Capsule Shop. Currently, players can purchase sets such as the Noblewoman & Macadamia Tit Bird Set, the Cloudy Ragdoll Ticket Set, Secret Garden-Themed Skin Set, and more.

What are your thoughts as Cats & Soup crosses 40 million downloads? Let us know in the comments below!

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