Cats & Soup introduces a new Cow Cat in the July 2022 update

The newest cat in the hit mobile game seems pretty sus’

NEOWIZ announced that there might be a spy lurking around in the Cats & Soup July 2022 update. Or possibly the Korean Shorthair cat that was recently introduced performs a fantastic job at impersonating a cow. The newest adorable and cute kitty, which is extremely widespread in Korea and has beautiful huge patches on its body, will tempt players to use it in the game to check it out.

Thanks to its adorable felines and soothing gameplay elements, Cats & Soup is the ideal game for people looking for peaceful and fluffy joy in their hectic lives. It’s impossible for a million users to be mistaken, and you’ll feel good touching all the cute and adorable cats.

Cats & Soup adds new items and events in the July 2022 update

The most recent update to Cats & Soup also includes the following utterly adorable additions:

  • A new kitchen where cats may peel sugarcane and prepare it for cooking.
  • New bathroom-themed collectible furniture pieces that will give cats’ mini-rooms a pleasant new look.
  • For convenience, a number of event icons have been merged into the main screen and will appear as a single icon.
Cats & Soup Summer event
Image via NEOWIZ

The event for the summer vacation continues. Players search for and gather seashells in order to exchange them for up to 45 different kinds of limited-time things, such as costume pieces for the summer season and the coral beach theme. The celebration will continue through July 28, 2022.

Are you excited to meet the new cow cat in the Cats & Soup July 2022 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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