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Checkmate Heroes is an idle RPG title from YOOZOO Games, now up for pre-registration on Android

An idle RPG in fantasy world with chess elements!

Checkmate Heroes, an idle RPG with chess elements, is now available for pre-registration on Android, according to YOOZOO Games. YOOZOO Games has a long history of producing the high-quality, best-selling card and strategy games, including Dynasty Origins: Conquest, Dynasty Origins: Pioneer, Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, and others. And now, legendary heroes and chess have joined forces in YOOZOO Games’ latest title Checkmate Heroes, where players can explore the fantasy world at their leisure!

Demonstrate chess strategy and gather the strength of legendary heroes in Checkmate Heroes

Checkmate Heroes’ fantasy world is filled with chess elements of all kinds. To fight on the chessboard, each character will have two forms: chess and human. Players will be transformed into spirit callers, capable of awakening chess spirits drenched in the blood of ancient heroes and annihilating the remnants of evil forces.

Checkmate Heroes pre-registration
Image via YOOZOO Games

Sleeping heroes are awaiting your awakening! These heroes are divided into two categories: identity and class, and their identities and classes will intersect to form a network of bonds and improve combat effectiveness. Develop and strengthen your heroes as you gradually build your chess army back to its former glory!

There are no complicated control patterns in this idle game! The game allows you to merge pawns and buildings, which you can do with a single tap. It is extremely simple to obtain idle resources and increase the power of your lineup.

Players can build a flexible army with up to a dozen different types of soldiers based on their current lineup requirements. Deploy a variety of troops based on terrain and use strategies to turn the tide against their opponents in Checkmate Heroes!

Pre-register and participate in Chess Warriors Assemble social media event to obtain rewards

Checkmate Heroes Pre-registration
Image via YOOZOO Games

In October, the game will launch the Chess Warriors Assemble social media event, in which players can collect chess through a lottery to create their chess pieces. There is also the possibility of obtaining a rare chess piece. Checkmate Heroes eliminates the grind by offering generous idle rewards, allowing players to play whenever and wherever they want.

Since Checkmate Heroes’ pre-registration has begun, YOOZOO Games has been awarding rewards to everyone who meets certain milestones. Enter this magical world to demonstrate chess strategy and tactics while gathering the strength of legendary heroes to defeat opponents!

Are you excited as Checkmate Heroes by YOOZOO Games is now up for pre-registration on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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