Chinese gaming industry develops new self-discipline rules for promotion and distribution of upcoming titles

New self-discipline rules to ensure compliance!

According to some latest developments in the Chinese gaming industry, the gaming and tech companies have come up with new discipline rules for the promotion and distribution of upcoming titles. These laws will see companies tackle the problems such as counterfeiting, copyright disputes, gaming addiction, excessive consumption, and user privacy. Chinese Industry is known for having a controlled gaming environment given recently how new anti-addiction rules for gaming were also implied for minors.

The new rules have been drafted with the help of some very famous Chinese gaming companies

According to reports, the new rules have been drafted after careful consideration and assistance from some of the big names in the industry such as Tencent Holdings, Perfect World, 37Games, iDreamSky, Kuaishou Technology, and Huawei Technologies Co. Given the latest trend in the gaming industry, it was very predictable for companies to come up with their own set of rules in order to cope with the requirements posted by the Chinese government.

Chinese gaming industry rules
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In fact, this is the first set of self-made rules the companies in the Chinese industry that the companies have come up with since the Chinese government came up with the anti-addiction prerequisites for the companies to follow.

“In 2021, the number of domestic gamers reached 666 million … driven by the huge market and interest, a large number of games were illegally published and promoted, flooding the market. A continuation of this trend is not conducive to the healthy development of the video game industry.” quoted The Gaming Publishing Committee of the China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association.

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Generally speaking, the new rules drafted by the companies will focus majorly on prohibiting, “Leaks of state secrets, endangering national security, or damaging national honor and interests. The companies will also have to make sure that they do not promote obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, or aid crimes”.

Most of these rules are already part of laws to which companies have to comply but the drafting of rules will make sure that the companies have a reference point in the future to avoid any violation of laws. All these developments are part of President Xi Jinping’s campaign to protect minors, from such exposure via video games.

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