Cindyz Burger: Master Chef is a casual simulation game from Loongcheer Game, now available as open beta on Android

Cook Burgers and become a Burger Tycoon!

Cindyz Burger: Master Chef is a casual simulation game from Loongcheer Game. Players of all ages can enjoy playing this Cyberpunk-like kitchen game. This month, Cindyz Burger: Master Chef has launched its open beta test; players can download the game from the Play Store.

Cindyz Burger: Master Chef is inspired by a heartwarming true story

‘Cindyz Burger,’ a traditional handcrafted burger establishment run by Aiden’s grandmother, is well-liked by its patrons. But next to Cindyz Burger, a brand-new fast food restaurant has just debuted. More and more customers are choosing a new brand over Cindyz Burger due to its opulent store decor, well-known brands, broad selection of food, efficient machine-made service, and a sense of freshness.[0]=AZXSMBOnVcAFoPq-XjlBehRyO_jwt_wODRysvVo0WApUJpkKFyJxKlTwUoNqXrzRR7RcccKm7hTSss_N_oXy1YHBOchlc3MqgYHF1QlZ0UuT29c5l8wPezs06PafbAB56BgOCIHMDolWWdofIN-Yh-I0RnTdYvzKY8xak7tj7BiaYoEZly1ReVA5Puurv6CumNI&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Grandma eventually passed away from sickness, leaving Aiden with Cindyz Burger in the hopes that he would be able to manage it more effectively. How is a conventional handmade burger shop going to compete with modern fast-food chains? Aiden asks himself this.

The game brings attractive kitchen gameplay with exciting mini-games

Making burgers in Cindyz Burger’s restricted operating hours per the order of the ingredients is the game’s core objective. Unlock additional new burger recipes after making money and receiving positive feedback from clients. You must employ staff, buy skills, and decorate the burger shop to achieve improved service to upgrade the business bonus. Additionally, more mini-games, such as those requiring you to sort kitchen trash, wash dishes, and arrange ingredients, will be released. The upcoming upgrades will include more visually appealing gameplay.

Cindyz Burger: Master Chef open beta
Image via Loongcheer Game

A large number of customers visit Cindyz Burger to place meal orders during the fever season. In this mode, do your best to touch the screen rapidly without regard to the number of ingredients ordered so that you can complete more orders within the allotted time. You receive more company bonus the quicker you tap.

Recruit Staff and work through Buffs and Debuffs during unexpected situations in Cindyz Burger

Staff hiring will take place in a format similar to a surprise box. Three out of the five applicants will be chosen by staff, who will then begin negotiations with them. In a nutshell, four different categories of employees must be chosen: C, B, A, and S levels. As a casual game, staff skills could be upgraded in groups by buying buffs; there is no individual employee cultivation system.

Cindyz Burger: Master Chef open beta
Image via Loongcheer Game

During working hours, unforeseen events will take place. The way buffs and debuffs are designed makes players feel more surprised. Buffs enjoy getting double hearts from influencers, double support from teachers, and having guests who won’t notice if the recipe is off, among other things. Debuffs enjoy luring in YouTubers with a reputation for posting false reviews, inciting smoke-filled kitchens with mushy food, etc.

Cindyz Burger: Master Chef is now available to download and play on Android via Google Play Store. Players can follow Cindyz Burger official Facebook page and discord to get more information about the game.

Are you excited as Cindyz Burger: Master Chef is now available as open beta on Android? Let us know in the comment section below.

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