Clan of the Rat in Northgard is now available in the game for $2.99

Survival is key!

Clan of the Rat in Northgard is now available on iOS and Android devices for €2.99/$2.99, and it also includes Kröwn and Daggers and Sword and Solace free updates.

Dodsvagr is made up of stray and outcast people who specialize in survival and have little time for food or rest. They are prepared to endure the coldest winters at all costs thanks to their committed fighters and workers.

Key features of Clan of the Rat in Northgard

Northgard Clan of the Rat
Image via Playdigious
  • A new warmaiden: Eir: This ruthless warrior uses shamanic practices to help the tribe survive its most severe wounds. Some claim she has the power to summon the terrifying creatures of Helheim.
  • New unit mechanic: The Shaman Camp takes the role of the Healer Hut and trains Shamans capable of combat and ally healing even outside of your region.
  • New relic: Garm’s Incarnation: As long as the pyre is lit, it will continue its relentless hunt for fresh victims after being revived by a flame.

Clan of the Rat brings new free updates in Northgard

Sword & Solace

Northgard Clan of the Rat
Image via Playdigious
  • Brand new Ui navigation: Explore additional contextual data, clan-specific animation backgrounds, search filters, and more.
  • Utilise a new multiplayer rating system to evaluate your abilities.
  • Revised military paths: Early on in the game, go along the military route that suits you best to create weapons for less money.

Kröwn and Daggers

krowns daggers
Image via Playdigious
  • New neutral faction: Dwarves: They are well recognized for their mining prowess, and if you can earn their trust, they may grant you access to resources. However, you won’t regret trying to cross them if you do.
  • New rivalry system: Declare a rival clan to receive benefits and advantages!
  • New diplomacy screen: Discover various ways to engage with people and see what happens depending on how you handle your neighbors.
  • New competitive events: Defeat rival clans to win new goodies!

That’s all for the latest Clan of the Rat that is now available in Northgard!

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