Clash of Clans announce event roadmap for Color Fest March 2023 season

The festival of colors!

The beginning of the month is always the best time to be a Clash of Clans fan. The main reason is because of the updates and the special events that take place over the span of 30 days. Once again, it won’t be any different in March 2023, as the Color Fest season will bring a slew of events to the game, including up to four challenges, troop events, and more in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Color Fest March 2023 roadmap

Clash of Clans has revealed the roadmap for the events that are coming to the game from this month up to April 2023. There are a lot of challenges that are coming to the game, with fun bases to destroy and most importantly, earn some amazing rewards.

The entirety of March 2023 will be color themed, which means that the events will also be featuring the challenges based on this theme itself. In that way, players can enjoy the events as well as get a vibrant feeling with this theme. The roadmap table for the March 2023 season is as follows.

March 1Season start
Clan War Leagues
Sensational Seven (Int’l Women’s Day troop event)
Painter King Color Fest Challenge #1
March 8Painter Queen Color Fest Challenge #2
March 12Super Dragon & Giant events
March 15Painter Warden Color Fest Challenge #3
March 17Miner & Baby Dragon events
March 22Painter Champion Color Fest Challenge #4
Clan Games
March 29Rocket Balloon, Wall Breaker, Wizard events
Color Fest 2023 Roadmap

The first day will see the start of the season, which also includes several events with the usual Clan War Leagues. From then, the events will continue. The Painter Hero challenges are focused on the Legendary Painter Skins of the heroes, that have come to the shop.

Painter King Challenge
Image via Supercell

For now, that’s all for the announcement. More details about the rewards and other programs will be explained in the Clash of Clans event section, so don’t forget to check them out.

What are your thoughts on the roadmap put for Clash of Clans Color Fest in March 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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