Clash Quest developers reveal plans for the game’s future updates in 2022

Lots to look forward for Clash Quest fans but yet global release date is not confirmed

In a video released on the official Clash Quest youtube channel, game designer, Seth, and community manager, Darian revealed the company’s plans for future Clash Quest possible updates in 2022. Clash Quest is yet to release globally and has only soft-launched in select countries last year. Supercell acknowledged that the game hasn’t yet met the quality standards they have in mind, but also revealed that they were planning a host of updates to improve the overall user experience.

Clash Quest fans still have to wait for a potential global release

Straight off the bat, game designer, Seth squashed any potential hopes of Clash Quest’s global release shortly by stating that the team was “not yet ready for a global release” and that there were still someproblems” to iron out.

Supercell confirmed that they were introducing some changes to the troops in a players’ crew. They also acknowledged that most of the troops currently present in the game have limited abilities and that they are planning to introduce a wider variety of troops, each with distinct roles. The roles for these troops will work in tandem with the new game modes that supercell plans to introduce in the next updates.

For instance, Archer and Wizard both now have separate distinct roles, rather than being two troops that deal long-ranged damage. However, with the upcoming reworks, an archer is said to be more focused on dealing with multiple attacks by using her items. Wizards, on the other hand, are said to be reworked to be more focused on dealing fire damage to enemies. Supercell said that the proposed rework allows them to introduce new troops to give a wider, varied pool for players to choose from new items for troops.

Supercell announced three new possible game modes coming to Clash Quest

In the video, Supercell also confirmed that several new game modes are coming to Clash Quest. This is to make the game less repetitive and give new troops use that are to be introduced in the upcoming updates. As of now, Supercell confirmed three new game modes that are set to be introduced in the upcoming updates.

The first is a minor tweak to Gold Cart Hunting. Supercell has said there would be a variety of gold cart hunting quests. For instance, players may come across a gold cart guarded by extremely strong defenses. Rather than taking out all the defenses, it would be sufficient for players to clear a path that allows them a clear shot at the gold cart instead.

Clash quest future updates
Image via Supercell

The second mode that could be introduced is Protection Quests which gets triggered when you meet companions in your game. The objective of the mode is to keep your companions alive while defeating the strategic puzzle. You cannot attack or activate companions but you can use other tactics, such as healing to keep them alive.

The third mode is Delivery Quests which occurs when players receive supplies during quests. The end goal of the quest is to deliver the supplies to the front row of the puzzle. Enemy defenses can destroy the supplies and players may lose the quest if they lose all their troops or if all the supplies are destroyed.

Fans can expect the initial updates to go live in Summer 2022

While the video sounds very promising, Supercell also sounded a word of caution, stating that not all of the ideas stated in the video could come to fruition in the final release. However, they assured players that they are open to hearing feedback and are looking at ways to make Clash Quest more exciting before its global launch. The Clash Quest devs are looking for a potential summer 2022 release for the initial updates with more coming gradually in the future.

What are your thoughts as Clash Quest developers reveal their plans for future Updates in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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