Clash Quest June 2022 Captain’s Log reveals changes to the progression system, energy system, and more

Massive changes are on the way!

Clash Quest, a strategy game based on the world of Clash, that is, Supercell’s duo of super hit games Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale is set to go through massive changes as announced in their latest official announcement. The game, originally intended to be a more relaxed and calmly paced form of entertainment for Clash players has often received complaints about the lack of a progression system, which is the issue that will be tackled by the game according to the Clash Quest June 2022, Captain’s Log.

Clash Quest to get massive changes in the upcoming update

Here is everything that will be included in the upcoming update:

The removal of the Star system in Levels

According to the announcement, one of the most frequently received feedbacks is the inconsistency of having the star system in the leveling up aspect of the game. Players often one star a level and move on to the next level and then get stuck when they don’t meet the required number of stars to unlock the next stage.

This confuses the players and they face the dilemma as to move on or stay back and three-star a level. It is also deemed to be tough to three-star with the current setup of troops and altogether these reasons led to the removal of the star system. It will be replaced with an undisclosed and brand new progression system in the update.

Addition of Main Quests

Additional main story
Image via Supercell

In the next update, each island will have a clearly defined main quest which the player will have to complete in order to move on to the next island. Each island will feature a special game mode or a boss fight as the main quest which will be the path to unlocking the next island in the game.

 Introduction of Side Quests

Players have often complained that they lack the necessary materials needed to upgrade their troops which made them underdeveloped when compared to the game levels. Thus, side quests have been introduced which will grant players the necessary materials such as surplus elixir, shards, or items. Each shard will be a constituent of a larger item which when completed can be used to level up the troop.


Image via Supercell

Clash Quest June 2022 Captain’s Log announced that from the next update onwards, players will not be able to choose from an array of items to use on their troops. Instead, it will feature a unique allotment of an item to each troop in order to make them more unique and personalized. Every item gained in this format will increase the power level of the troop and thus make for an even more dynamic level-up experience. 

Removal of the Energy System

The currently existing system where a bar of energy is consumed each time a player plays the game is going to be replaced. The fixed number of energy bars will be moved and instead replaced by attempts. Each quest will be allocated a few attempts and when they’re used up, a cooldown will appear after which the player will be able to try again. But if they manage to complete the quest, the number of attempts will be refreshed and the player will be able to play the next quest with all of their attempts in hand.

Addition of new Story Points

In order to make the game more interactive and immersive, it will now feature story points. The islands will have their own story and lore the characters will be able to move along. They will come with dialogues and will make for a new story that will progress with the progress of the islands. After completing a story point, the player will be shown how many levels they need to beat to get to the next point.

Progress Reset

Probably the biggest change in the list, with the new update all the progress of every player in the game, including maxed out players will be reset. Each player will have to start afresh after the update and work their way to the top.

This will be implemented due to the changes to the game being so radical that it will account for a completely new experience for the players as compensation for the existing game. Clan leagues and progress will be reset as well, but the rosters will remain the same. All money spent on in-app purchases will be refunded as well. 


The developers of Clash Quest will be implementing these changes in order to keep the players engaged with a new format in the game. But a number of players have also brought up issues such as the reset update, saying that maxed out players should get certain perks or a head start in the game or it would be unfair to all the hours they put in the game to max themselves. Thus, it remains to be seen how the update will be received by the vast majority of players when it launches on the 20th of June 2022.

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