Clash Royale Card Gold Cost to be reduced, donation gold earning also adjusted

Some important changes!

Starting Thursday, September 7, Clash Royale players can anticipate a significant slash in the card gold cost since the development team has announced that the prices to purchase are reduced for the cards. These adjustments will come into effect following a maintenance break, resulting in more affordable card upgrades for players. We shall look into the cost cost-slashed pricing in detail.

Cheaper Legendary cards will make their way to the Clash Royale Shop

Previously, Rare cards incurred a cost of 100 gold, but now, they have undergone a substantial 50% reduction, bringing their new cost down to 50 gold. Similarly, Epic cards, which used to set players back 1000 gold, have experienced a significant 80% decrease, now available for a mere 200 gold.

Clash Royale changes gold cost
Image via Supercell

As for Legendary cards, the once formidable 40,000 gold price tag has seen a remarkable 62.5% reduction, making them much more accessible at the new cost of 10,000 gold. Common cards will remain unaffected by these changes and will continue to have a consistent value of 10 gold. These updated card values will also introduce a standardization of the Gold cost associated with Elite Wild Cards.

Previously, when purchasing a Level 14 card in the shop, it was transformed directly into Elite Wild Cards, but the Gold cost for this conversion varied depending on the card’s rarity. With the upcoming changes, any Elite Wild Card obtained through conversion will have a fixed cost of 10 gold, regardless of the rarity of the card being converted.

Donation and Trade Card Gold values get a few adjustments

Donation and trade values of gold are also adjusted with this update. When players donate rare cards, they will now receive 25 Gold in addition to gaining 10 XP and 10 Star Points. Similarly, donating epic cards will yield 100 Gold, alongside 10 XP and 10 Star Points.

Clash Royale Currency
Image via Supercell

For card trades at Level 14, the cost structure is as follows:

  • Rare Cards: 25 Gold
  • Epic Cards: 100 Gold
  • Legendary Cards: 7500 Gold

Although this change is supposed to be a healthy one, there are a few downsides. In order to maintain a balanced distribution of Elite Wild Cards available for purchase directly from the Shop, there will be a decrease in the frequency with which Legendary cards appear in the Shop.

What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale Card Gold Cost to be reduced? Do let us know in the comments below!

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