Clash Royale: Players get 1.75 million gold after Chess event site went live ahead of schedule

A happy mishap!

Players received a hefty 1.75 million gold fill in their banks in Clash Royale when the Chess event site was accidentally activated ahead of its scheduled release. However, it is worth noting that this has been given to only a few players in the game who participated in the event before the website was taken down.

The Clash Royale Chess event website was broken upon going live

The event is a part of the Chess Clash collaboration. On the event website, there were three reward tiers: 250k, 500k, and 1 million gold totaling 1.75 million, each associated with a chess puzzle. All three puzzles evolved around achieving a victory or checkmate in just two moves, and successfully solving any of them granted you completion of that specific reward bracket.

Clash Royale event site
Image via Supercell

This was a major surprise for the community given how generous the rewards were. The tasks were straightforward and didn’t require much brainstorming. Within minutes of starting, many players were able to complete the challenge swiftly. But in a couple of hours, the site was shut down, leading to a lot of confusion.

However, addressing the player concerns and the site shutdown, Community Lead Drew acknowledged that the website was launched prematurely today ahead of plans which resulted in technical issues. The good news is that the rewards will remain unchanged, and the website is set to make a comeback later in the month.

So, those who missed, don’t worry! Overall, the current reward is already quite generous, and with substantial amounts of gold at stake, many players would prefer not to miss out on this opportunity once more.

What are your thoughts on players getting 1.75 million gold after the Chess event site going live ahead of schedule in Clash Royale? Do let us know in the comments below!

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