Clash Royale Season 3: Everything you need to know!

Supercell recently announced Clash Royale Season 3 “Be Legendary”. As you can already guess from the name, it is going to be a legendary themed season! Let’s see what they are going to add and all the changes that we’re going to see!

clash royale season 3

New skins, new emotes, new challenges!

As it’s now habit since a couple of months, in this new Clash Royale season we’re going to find a lot of new cosmetics as well as new rewards for our Pass Royale!

  • New “Fortress” Tower Skin at tier 10 of the Pass Royale;
  • New Princess Emote at tier 20 of the Pass Royale;
  • Return of Lightning Legendary Chests at tier 35 of the Pass Royale;
  • Return of Legendary Arena in all game modes just for this season.

Other than that, we’re also going to have two new game modes in the form of Special Challenges. These are going to be the following:

  • Bandit Dash: Bandits spawn into the arena from both King Towers. Lose three times and you’re out, but you’ll have the chance to reset your losses and continue to play;
  • Legendary Party: you can use one of three pre-made decks made out of almost all legendary cards.

Other special challenges are going to come during the season, in order to give the players a chance to win many legendary cards and new emotes!

clash royale season 3

New season, new balance changes!

One of the most controversial things they announced for this season are the new balance changes that will go live on September 2nd. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Executioner: +98% damage increase, -5% hitpoints decrease, -1 tile range decrease, -0.1 attack speed reduction, axe returns 0.4 seconds faster;
  • Royal Ghost: +0.2 attack radius increase;
  • Dark Prince: -0.1 attack radius decrease;
  • Pekka: melee range reduced from long to medium;
  • Goblin Cage: Goblin Brawler’s speed reduced from very fast to fast;
  • Fisherman: now costs 3 elixir, -11% damage decrease.

As you can see, some of these changes are really going to shake the meta a lot! Many people are already thinking about a possible mid-season balance change in case of cards like the Executioner become too strong, but we’ll see how it goes once the update launches!

clash royale balance changes

Remember that the seasonal Pass Royale only costs 5$ and gives you a lot of advantages, like a whole lot of seasonal rewards, the ability to queue chests and the possibility to retry special challenges for free!

We remind you that Clash Royale Season 3 update launches globally on September 2nd, so make sure to check it out as soon as it goes live!

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