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COD Mobile New Cage Map leak?

Call of Duty Mobile had become one of the biggest hits in 2019. The player base of the game has been increasing since the launch of the game. One important need for any game is to keep the players engaged and excited with new content. Call of Duty Mobile has proved to be promising in delivering excellent content, smooth gameplay, some limited-time modes like the Zombie Moe, etc. Yet again, COD Mobile team has been busy with developing a new map. It is in the news that a new map is coming to the game. So, let us look upon the COD Mobile new Cage map leak.

About COD Mobile Cage map leak

The game managed to grab the attention of the gamers all around the world because of its original Call of Duty Franchise. The development team has always been on their foot trying to bring in new content to the game. Yet another surprise for the fans and players of Call of Duty Mobile is being planned. The COD Mobile new cage map was recently leaked.

Call of Duty Mobile New Cage Map

The new Cage map is in development and can drop to the game anytime this year. The new Cage map is small as compared to Nuke Town.

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The new map is going to have 2 main routes to battle upon. It is also reported that the new map may feature the Tencent’s headquarter buildings that are present in China and Shenzhen. The players are always excited to explore new content in the game. A new map coming to the game is something that everyone is always excited about. You can check out the gameplay on the new Cage map in the Youtube Video.

For now, this is all we know about the COD Mobile New Cage map leak. However, we will make sure to update you again if there are any further leaks on the same.

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