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Code: Candle: NetEase’s upcoming MMORPG title exposed, opens first test qualification recruitment

Get a chance to qualify for the first test

Code: Candle, a Western dark fantasy-themed game that uses the next-generation engine to carefully depict all the abyss of sins formed under the surreal disaster of destruction on the edge, has been exposed on December 17, reports iNEWS. This hard-core fantasy MMORPG game is NetEase’s first attempt to combine mobile games with soul gameplay creating a world that is devoured by darkness and dark magic.

Code: Candle: Gameplay Overview

Code: Candle exposed
Code: Candle gameplay

The game is based in a world where the disaster of darkness came, and the demons, the fire of no master, the candle of no master, the branded ones, and the undead were weaving heavy murderous auras in the darkness. As a part of the survivors, the player will write a legend of personal heroism in the name of Ash Messenger, end the demons, and inherit the will of the first fire. The player’s main aim in this will be on ending eternity in this dark, dilapidated and broken world, destroying immortality, and saving the world.

Hardcore action-adventure gameplay with no occupation restrictions

According to the latest reveals, it can be understood that the game will be based on high-hardcore action underground adventure gameplay, along with a high degree of freedom. The game also comes packed with gloomy worlds, unknown mazes, and various hidden crises.

Players will get to experience the tension of free exploration of the game in-depth and immersion along with the thrill of random encounters and the sense of surprise found in the unknown during the exploration process, and the sense of accomplishment of survival to the end.

Code: Candle exposed
Code: Candle gameplay

Code: Candle has no specific occupational restrictions and the players can use a variety of attack methods to combine output, such as long-range, close combat, double knives, gloves, large axes, bows, etc. Players can switch between the weapons freely too.

Extremely realistic art along with diverse PvE and PvP gameplay

From the hills of the devil with flying yellow sands to the mysterious and eerie elephant palace, one plant and one tree change day and night, restoring an immersive dark magical world in the game. Along with all these great features, the game also has a variety of PvE and PvP gameplay content. While exploring unknown areas, players will also get to explore thrilling dungeons and fight against various systemic bosses.

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