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Combat Master Online FPS is a new shooter that is heavily inspired by CoD Modern Warfare

Join the intense multiplayer combat

Combat Master is a new multiplayer online FPS by Alfa Bravo Inc. that features intense, tactical gameplay along with great-looking graphics. However, what separates it from the flood of other multiplayer first-person shooters is the strong resemblance to one of the biggest video game titles out there – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).

The game has been termed by many gamers as a “rip-off” of MW 2019 and that’s for good reason because the gameplay, UI, and everything in between is really similar to the popular Call of Duty title. The hype has driven a lot of players to try out that game and it’s achieved a lot more popularity within a couple of hours of release than any of Alfa Bravo’s other games.

A pretty close copy but still pretty fun

To be completely fair, while the game might be a rip-off, it’s still really fun and it has quite a few elements that can be appreciated and they make the game pretty enjoyable. To start with, it is primarily a multiplayer title but also features an offline mode.

Combat Master Online FPS
Combat Master Online FPS: In-game look (Image via Alpha Bravo Inc)

There’s a bunch of maps and weapons while the game also boasts about no loot boxes or “money pulling mechanics” (although the game does have in-app purchases), no autofire or auto-aim, no advertisements, no pay-to-win features and no inconvenient updates.

It’s the closest we are right now to another Call of Duty mobile title (Call of Duty: Mobile being an official mobile version). Anyone who has played Modern Warfare would immediately be able to see why many people are claiming that this game is a rip-off. 

Combat Master Online FPS has created a noise already

So while it being a copy of CoD: Modern Warfare might have created some positive publicity, it’s a very enjoyable game too. Although it’s possible that Activision themselves might take notice and crackdown on the game with legal actions, nothing can be said about that for now.

It’s not uncommon for mobile game developers to copy other more popular titles. That being said, this is a game that is actually quite a lot of fun and definitely something that FPS enthusiasts should try out. Interested fans can check out the game on Google Play and the App Store.

What are your thoughts that the Combat Master Online FPS releaseLet us know in the comments below!

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This game is amazing I hope this game do not get copyrighted


We’ll be able to see that in a few months.


can it support controller




Although This game is a blatant ripoff … they did a good job on it . It’s almost like playing MW on mobile

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