Command & Conquer: Legions announces closed beta test for Android in select regions

The game is renamed from Project C&C

Project C&C, renamed Command & Conquer: Legions, is an upcoming strategy title published by Level Infinite which has announced a closed beta test for Android in select regions. The test is scheduled to take place from June 29 to July 12, 2023, with all game data will be reset at the conclusion of the testing period.

This marks the second closed beta for Command & Conquer: Legions

The game has been inspired by the popular Command & Conquer franchise first created by Westwood Studios, which released a series of real-time strategy video game titles, with the first one released in 1995. Electronic Arts was also involved in the development later on, after acquiring Westwood in 1998. Most recently in 2020, the Remastered Collection collection of the game went live.

We have over fifteen games published in the franchise as of 2020. Over the years of development, the Command & Conquer franchise gained immense popularity and became a flagship series for the real-time strategy genre. With the game coming to mobile, the excitement is as its peak.

The title was first announced as Project C&C, before renaming it to the current title. A closed beta test went live for Android in Thailand and Germany from 18th May to 22nd May, and now this marks the second closed beta, but the first after rename.

Command & Conquer: Legions gameplay
Image via Level Infinite

The plot follows Tiberium, a celestial substance of immense power, which possesses the ability to bring either prosperity through technological advancements or wreak devastation when used destructively. Factions engage in a battle for control, each seeking to harness Tiberium’s potential to dominate the world.

In a vast shared map, players can build and personalize their base using a wide variety of structures and improve them to unlock new abilities. As the strategy is the most important, players can train classic units such as Commando, Thunderhead, and Mastodon while deploying their troops to seize different locations, control as many spikes as possible, and gather valuable resources.

How to download and play Command & Conquer: Legions

Download Command & Conquer: Legions on Android 

Currently available for Android, the steps are given below.

  • To get the game, you need a Google Play account from any of the early-access countries Canada, Germany, France, Thailand, the Philippines, and Mexico.
  • Use a VPN and connect to any mentioned region. Then head over to the Google Play Store and create a new account
  • Skip the step where the Play Store asks you if you want to add a phone number. Then finish setting up the account.
  • Click here or search for Command & Conquer: Legions to download the game.
  • Keep your VPN on to play the game when the servers are live.

The iOS tests and the global release date are yet to be announced for the project, so stay tuned for updates from the site and the official Discord server.

What are your thoughts on Command & Conquer: Legions opening a closed beta test for Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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