Cookie Run Braveverse: Gameplay features, backstory, release date, and more

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Devsisters upcoming trading-card game Cookie Run Braveverse has undoubtedly left a lot of queries in the mind of the players, given its lengthy release date period. Set in the popular Cookie Run universe, the game promises to provide a fresh gameplay experience to everyone involved, which is something interesting to look forward to. So, in this article, we shall get a close look into the Gameplay features, backstory, release date, and other details of the upcoming Cookie Run Braveverse.

Players are introduced to a tale titled The Space Station: The Fuel of Ambition. Within this story, there exists a Cookie initially renowned as the Breath of Love. However, this once-beloved Cookie made a heartbreaking decision, abandoning their former identity and transforming into the infamous Corruption of the Abyss.

Cookie Run Braveverse overview
Image via Devsisters

Once driven by ambitious dreams, Cookie’s heart succumbed to despair, causing their aspirations to crumble. At this moment of vulnerability, a mysterious void entered Cookie’s heart and whispered to grant everlasting friendship if it followed the void, which Cookie did. Hence, the Space Station with five Sugarballs was activated with the power to summon Cookies from any world scattered across the vast cosmos.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Cookie Run: Braverse revolves around a two-player card game, wherein each player utilizes a deck composed of 60 cards. In this deck-building experience, players have the flexibility to include up to four cards bearing the same unique number. There are four card types in total: Cookies, Items, Traps, and Stage.

In different play areas, players will place their Cookies, which will be the only ones able to participate in the battle. In the Deck and Hand, cards are placed and shown respectively. During the game, the default number of cards drawn per turn is two. Cookies once their HP turns zero move to the Break Area.

Cookie Run Braveverse overview
Image via Devsisters

Once the deck is prepared after a shuffle, the next player to take their turn is determined through a game of rock-paper-scissors. Each player then proceeds to draw six cards from the top of their deck and keeps them in their hand. The game will progress through different turn phases. Players can read the complete gameplay guide here.

As of now, there hasn’t been a specific showcase of the gameplay mechanics for Cookie Run: Braverse. As far as the genre goes, it might be rivaling some other popular and upcoming TCGs like Hearthstone, Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). The market needs more TCGs and Cookie Run Braveverse might be the best option upcoming.

Cookie Run: Braverse will be getting a debut in Korea first sometime around September 2023, being the home country of development, followed by its global release in February 2024 with English language support. The exact dates for both are still unknown for now.

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