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Cookie Run: Kingdom brings Invitation from the Slumbering Moon update to celebrate its second anniversary

The “Invitation from the Slumbering Moon” update was announced by Devsisters in celebration of second anniversary of Cookie Run: Kingdom. Players will be able to explore a new episode in the update, along with two new cookies, new events, features with rewards, and more customization options. The game also brings its first-ever concert, and more material commemorating the anniversary.

In Korea’s free games and revenue rankings not long after its original release in January 2021, Cookie Run: Kingdom was number one. With 50 million players today and numerous “Best Community,” “Best Update,” and “People’s Choice” awards from Pocket Gamer among other accolades, Cookie Run: Kingdom is still a favorite among gamers.

Cookie Run: Kingdom 2nd Anniversary celebration in-game updates include:

  • New Episode: The City of Wizards: In the fifteenth and most recent episode, “The City of Wizards,” GingerBrave and her companions set out to locate the legendary City of Wizards.

New Cookies

  • Moonlight Cookie: The fabled miraculous cookie known as Moonlight Cookie was made centuries ago by wizards. With the help of her skill “Dream of the Night Sky,” Moonlight Cookie may put her foes to sleep while also healing herself. As soon as an enemy casts a sleep effect, she will also recover HP.
Cookie Run: Kingdom second anniversary update
Cookie Run: Kingdom second anniversary update (Image via Devsisters)
  • Milky Way Cookie: The dependable Dream Express conductor Milky Way Cookie is an incredible charger cookie. Milky Way Cookie climbs aboard her train as she performs the talent “Sugarcloud Express,” getting a DMG reduction buff and boosting the team’s resistance to stuns. She will deploy a shield over herself and the rest of the crew as soon as she exits the train.

New Event for All

  • β€œWoof! Cake Hound Frenzy”: Battles with cake hounds can earn players rewards. Players will receive “Cake Crumbs” and “Glowing Cake Crumbs” as rewards for these 30-second battles. Players can exchange these for a variety of helpful products for players’ kingdoms.

Second anniversary update also brings several new features to the game

In addition, the 2nd Anniversary update will include a number of new features that will allow users to keep constructing their kingdoms and planning their teams:

  • Kingdom Prosperity: To keep track of changes inside their kingdom, players will be able to view an overview of kingdom information. They can now check the Cookie Castle level, the number of landmarks, and the number of Sugar Gnome Laboratory research projects.
  • New Customizations: Players can now customize The Fountain of Abundance, Arena Statue, and Kingdom backdrops.
  • Might of the Ancients: In this new game mode, players will be able to interact with the Ancient Cookie of their choice through brand-new tasks and challenges. Additionally, a unique landmark will be made available to aid Ancient Cookies’ stats increase.
  • Special Toppings: There will be 5 unique new toppings that can only be used with specific Cookies. When used, special toppings will have predetermined effects. Their minimum bonus effect value will be greater than that of standard toppings.

That’s all about the second anniversary update of Cookie Run: Kingdom. Players can visit the official Cookie Run: Kingdom Twitter for more details.

What are your thoughts on Cookie Run: Kingdom Second Anniversary celebration with new update? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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