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Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.10 update “A Mermaid’s Tale Part 2” is set to release on August 30, 2023

Will the valiant Crimson Coral Cookie be able to thwart the invasion?

Cookie Run: Kingdom is set to release the new Version 4.10 update “A Mermaid’s Tale Part 2” on August 30th, 2023. The update will be available after maintenance which will be held around 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +9). The new update will continue right where it left off in Part 1 where there will be a lore-heavy story that will delve around Black Pearl Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie along with many other new additional Cookies in the story. The new patch will release new Cookies, New Costumes, Limited Events, Magic Candies for higher rarity Cookies, and many other additions awaiting in this update.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Support
  • Position: Back

Crimson Coral Cookie is a Defense Cookie that uses the skill, ‘Somber Affection.’

Cookie Run Kingdom Crimson Coral Cookie Game Image
Image via Devsisters

Skill description: Crimson Coral Cookie‘s sisters will lend their powers to the crimson spear, piercing enemies and dealing damage. Afterward, Crimson Coral Cookie will cast an HP Shield to the 2 allies with the highest ATK (excluding herself) equal to a portion of her Water-type Skill damage. If Crimson Coral Cookie is the only Cookie in the front line, she and her allies will gain the Coral Armor buff.

Additionally, her Coral Armor’s size and weight will reduce the effect of Knockback and Flying. When Crimson Coral Cookie is using her skill, she is not affected by ATK SPD changes and will become resistant to interrupting effects. Crimson Coral Cookie will also be able to equip Sea Salt Toppings.

You can now pull Crimson Coral Cookie and her Soulstones in the Legion Gacha. Collect or purchase Coral Tear Droplets and use them in the Legion Gacha. In the Legion Gacha, you can get Coral Tear Shards instead of Mileage Points. You will receive the same number of Coral Tear Shards for pulling Cookies and Soulstones regardless of the Cookies’ Ascension status.

Once you have collected a certain number of Coral Tear Shards, you will be guaranteed to meet Crimson Coral Cookie. If you already have fully ascended Crimson Coral Cookie or have enough Soulstones to fully ascend her, you’ll receive a Super Epic Cookie of Choice Chest instead. After the end of the event, all remaining Coral Tear Shards will be converted to Mileage Points and delivered to your mailbox.

Special Episode: A Mermaid’s Tale PT. 2

In order to access ‘A Mermaid’s Tale,’ you must unlock and upgrade the Seaside Market or use Crystals to unlock the story. Lunar Coral Quills are required to play in A Mermaid’s Tale. Lunar Coral Quills are recharged at midnight. Additional Quills can be acquired through events, packages, or direct purchases.

Underwater Catnip Coins can be obtained by completing A Mermaid’s Tale stages or quests and can be used to buy an assortment of items at the Mermaid Kingdom Shop. The Mermaid Kingdom Shop can be accessed from the Chamber of the Tear by talking with Catnip Cookie. With the addition of “A Mermaid’s Tale,” you will gain access to a new time-limited event that will allow you to obtain the new resource for the Legendary Gacha, “Dreamy Crystal Droplets,” and other rewards.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.10 update A Mermaid's Tale Part 2
Image via Devsisters

The second half of the Special Episode, A Mermaid’s Tale, has been added.· Dive into the underwater tales to find out what happens to the Kingdom of Tearcrown, unlock new Collection entries, and earn rewards. The Tower of Frozen Waves has also been added.· After clearing A Mermaid’s Tale, Pt.2, you can climb up the Tower of Frozen Waves along with Peppermint Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie.

The Tower of Frozen Waves consists of 100 floors, ranging from battle and running stages to treasure chests. You can unlock additional stories by clearing certain stages. Climb up the tower and earn various rewards, including Life Jewel of Choice Chests, titles, and more!

(Guest) Gem Mermaid Cookies

Welcome the Gem Mermaid Cookies to the Kingdom through the Gem Mermaids & Iridescent Shells event! 3 Gem Mermaid Cookies are now available to use in the Cookie Run: Kingdom game and storyline for a limited amount of time.

  • [GUEST] Aquamarine Cookie
  • [GUEST] Gold Citrine Cookie
  • [GUEST] Mystic Opal Cookie

GUEST Cookies cannot participate in Kingdom Activities and aren’t available for battles or upgrades. In the ‘Gem Mermaids & Iridescent Shells’ event, you can select one of the 5 shells to meet a Gem Mermaid Cookie or earn a different reward. When you open an Iridescent Shell 30 times, you will be guaranteed to meet one of the three Cookies whom you haven’t met yet.

Cookie Run Kingdom Guest Gem Mermaid Cookies
Image via Devsisters

If you have already met all the Gem Mermaid Cookies, you’ll receive 1,000 Coral Tear Droplets if you meet a Gem Mermaid Cookie. You can open one free shell each day in the Gem Mermaids & Iridescent Shells event. Purchase Sea Foam Gems from the shop using Crystals to open more shells. After the end of the event, all remaining Sea Foam Gems will be converted to Coins and delivered to your mailbox.

Super Mayhem: Tearcrown

A new season of Super Mayhem begins in the underwater Tearcrown kingdom! Just like in the previous seasons, you need to set up three teams with five Cookies on each team (a total of 15 Cookies). Your Team 1 will battle the opponent’s Team 1, and your Team 2 will fight the opponent’s Team 2 afterwards. The player with the most victories will win. Cookies participating in the Super Mayhem will receive a battle buff.

  • Cookies boosted to Lv.60
  • Cookie Skill Levels boosted to Lv.60
  • Topping bonus effects will not activate: the main effect will be applied, but the bonus effects unlocked by reaching +6, +9, and +12 will not.
Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.10 update A Mermaid's Tale Part 2
Image via Devsisters

Every round in the Super Mayhem, the Torrents of the Sea effect and Aqua Shield will activate.

  • Torrents of the Sea: The Torrents of the Sea effect is charged by skill activations from both teams. Once the waves are charged enough, the Torrents of the Sea effect will automatically trigger. Torrents of the Sea will sweep away the Cookie from the opponent team with the lowest HP percentage, permanently incapacitating them.
  • Aqua Shield: The Aqua Shield will protect a Cookie from the Torrents of the Sea once. One random Cookie will receive the Aqua Shield at the beginning of a battle.

Reach the Master tier in Super Mayhem to obtain the ‘Spirit of Blue Waves’ statue design. Rewards and tiers for the Super Mayhem have been updated. Season rewards and the number of required Trophies for the Master to Grandmaster tiers have been adjusted. Once you reach a certain tier, the team info of your opponents will be hidden.·

On tiers Crystal 3 – Diamond 2, the third Cookie and Treasures of the second and third teams will be hidden.· On tiers Diamond 1 – Master 3, the third and fourth Cookie and Treasures of the second and third teams will be hidden.· On tiers Master 2 – Grandmaster 1, players’ Kingdom names and profile pictures will be displayed randomly; their Power will be displayed in hundred-thousand and millions only, along with the first three numbers of their Trophy counts.

  • The Hall of Encounter has been updated. You can now find Crimson Coral Cookie in the Hall.
  • New Décor: Shimmering Coral Throne is now available in the Tropical Island theme.
  • Heroic Torches will now stack up to 99,999 instead of 9,999 in the Storage.
  • Stage effect icons on the battle preparation screen have been grouped into a single list

That was all about the Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.10 update.

What do you think about the upcoming Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.10 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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