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Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.3 update “Triple Cone Cup” set to release on March 30, 2023

Version 4.3 update to bring new cookies and events!

Cookie Run: Kingdom will be releasing a new update, Version 4.3 “Triple Cone Cup” which will be released on the 30th of March, 2023. The new patch will be introducing the different schools scattered around the Cookie world where they battle each other for the Triple Cone Cup. Additionally, the new update will be releasing new Cookies, limited Events, Magic Candy, and other miscellaneous updates. 

  • Rarity: Super Epic
  • Type: Charge
  • Position: Front
Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.3 update
Image via Devsisters
  • Skill description: Capsaicin Cookie transforms with the surge of magma power. When he has transformed, his regular attacks will cause Lava Eruptions, inflicting Burn and Magma debuffs on enemies. The Magma debuff increases Fire type DMG. While transformed, Capsaicin Cookie will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. After his transformation, Capsaicin Cookie will enter Spice Overlord mode with all the intense magma power and deliver his final strike. If he becomes immobilized during the battle, he will become immortal, dispelling his debuffs, and cannot be immobilized for a certain period. The first cooldown of Capsaicin Cookie’s skill will be shortened, allowing for faster skill use.
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Bomber
  • Position: Middle
Prune Juice
Image via Devsisters
  • Skill description: For Prune Juice Cookie’s regular attack, he throws a Prune Juice Bottle at the farthest enemy, poisoning the target and nearby enemies. Upon using his Skill, Prune Juice Cookie will throw a giant Prune Juice Bottle containing poison. When the bottle shatters, it will inflict Poison DMG Boost, Sticky Goo, Poison, and summon Prune Jellies. The HP of summoned Prune Jellies is reduced by the number of hits. Summoned Prune Jellies will spread Prune Gas from time to time, poisoning nearby enemies. Summoned Prune Jellies consist of poison, are immune to any kind of periodic effects, and are not affected by Shield or Healing.

Here are some of the Limited Events that will be released in this patch. 

Triple Cone Cup

Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.3 update
Image via Devsisters

The Triple Cone Cup is a historic event that has been around ever since the three schools of Earthbread were built. There’s the unique and prestigious school of wizards, Parfaedia, the school of noble Paladins with the most wins, the Crème Knights, and the fiery school of warriors, Scovillia! Enter the Triple Cone Cup and play in the different games to find out the strongest school there is. Students are sorted into the three schools based on their abilities and their traits.  You cannot change your school during the Triple Cone Cup.

The Triple Cone Cup consists of 7 seasons. One season consists of the regular event, ‘Fight for the Flag,’ and a seasonal event that changes every season. Your rank and Contribution rank for the season will be determined by the total score your classmates earned from regular events and seasonal events. You can receive rank rewards based on your rank. The school with the highest score throughout the 7 seasons will win the Triple Cone Cup. One season of the Triple Cone Cup lasts for one week. The students of the winning school will receive Crystals, Titles, Decors, Profiles, and other various rewards.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.3 update
Image via Devsisters

Once you are sorted into your school, you can meet your classmates in the Student Quarters. You can also visit the Student Quarters of other schools by using the Visit button. The portraits of the top students with the highest Contribution of that season will be displayed in the Student Quarters.

Sugar Sweet Destiny

Sugar Sweet Destiny
Image via Devsisters

The sugar-sweet love story of Kingdom High is now available in the Romance Kingdom! Join the excited Cookies in their campus life under the cherry blossoms!

Squirrel Shop

The Squirrel Shop is visiting the Cookie Kingdom to enjoy the warm spring weather. You can visit the Squirrel Shop through the Squirrel NPC in the Kingdom or via the event pages. The Squirrel Shop offers various items, special seasonal decors, and a unique Treasure available in the Squirrel Shop only. Crunchy Acorns needed for the Squirrel Shop can be obtained by exchanging various goods at the ‘Acorn Market.’ You will get a free draw in the Acorn Gacha every day. Or you can spend Acorns to make more draws.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.3 update
Image via Devsisters

You can also pull Golden Acorns and the special Treasure is only available at the Acorn GachaGolden Acorns can be used to purchase special seasonal decors from the Squirrel Shop. Collect Golden Acorns and get all the special decors! The holiday decors as well as the holiday treasure from last winter’s Squirrel Shop will be available in the next winter season.

Resonant Toppings – Triple Cone Cup Trio Toppings

There will be another set of new Resonant Toppings like the Moonkissed Toppings called the Triple Cone Cup Trio Toppings that only selected Cookies can equip.

  • Trio Raspberry
  • Trio Chocolate
  • Trio Almond
  • Trio Caramel
  • Trio Apple Jelly
Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.3 update
Image via Devsisters

You can check the Cookies that can equip the above Toppings in the Toppings info. As of March 30, only Capsaicin Cookie and Prune Juice Cookie will be able to equip these Toppings If you equip a Resonant Topping and regular Toppings from the same set, you will still gain the Set Effect. Trio Toppings have higher minimum Bonus Stat values than regular Toppings and the same maximum values. 

Magic Candy – Mala Sauce

Mala Sauce will be receiving a big buff next patch as she finally receives her own Magic Candy along with some more additional buffs to her kit. With the introduction of Mala Sauce Cookie’s Magic Candy, certain stats of Mala Sauce Cookie will be adjusted to fully utilize the effects of Magic Candy.

Mala Sauce
Image via Devsisters

Here are the following buffs she will be receiving:

  • Spicy Mala Mace: increases range, adds Stun to mace DMG while inflicting extra Fire type DMG to targets immune to Stun
  • Spicy Mala: increases CRIT% of all allies
  • ATK: Increased by 25%
  • DEF: Increased by 15%
  • HP: Increased by 12%

Treasure – Blossoming Acorn Bomb

Another Special Treasure will be released in the new patch called the “Blossoming Acorn Bomb”. There’s a chance to get the new SPECIAL treasure ‘Blossoming Acorn Bomb’ from the Acorn Gacha.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.3 update
Image via Devsisters

Description: The Acorn Bomb blooms into blossoms, cursing 2 random enemies (excluding bosses) to turn into acorns for a certain period and deals DMG equal to the total ATK. Additionally reduces the DEF of cursed targets.

Miscellaneous Content and Updates

In addition to Mala Sauce, Chilli Pepper Cookie will also be receiving a big buff in her kit. In her Skill, Chili Pepper Cookie increases her Crit DMG based on her CRIT%. Sneaks behind the enemy, causing area damage to the rearmost line with 4 strikes. The final strike always deals critical damage. Her Attack increased by 12.5% and her HP Increased by 22%. The Costumes of both ‘Crescent Guardian Moonlight Cookie’ and ’Rippling Moonlight Sea Fairy Cookie’ will be available in the regular Costume Gacha. Milky Way Cookie’s Soulstones have also been added to the Mileage Shop. 

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