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Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 update “Legend of the Red Dragon” set to release on May 18, 2023

Get ready for a new side-story, new cookies, and more!

Cookie Run: Kingdom will be releasing a new update, Version 4.4 “Legend of the Red Dragon” which will be released on the 18th of May, 2023. The new patch will be introducing a new side-story revolving around the Hollyberry plot-line back in the main quest where some of the Hollyberry Kingdom characters and antagonists will be featured. Additionally, the new update will be releasing new Cookies, limited Events, Special Episodes, and other miscellaneous updates.

A new type of rarity will be introduced in the new 4.4 Update classified as the “Dragon” Cookies. Just like the previously appointed ”Super Epic” Cookies, these Cookies will be on the rare types and have their own Gacha banners. With the addition of the new rarity, the team set up limits of the Kingdom Arena have also been updated: only three Ancient/Legendary/Dragon Cookies can be in the team at the same time. 

  • Rarity: Dragon
  • Type: Charge
  • Position: Front
Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Pitaya Dragon Cookie
Image via Devsisters
  • Skill Description: Pitaya Dragon Cookie fires off two waves of draconic blade energy, dealing damage and reducing the amount of healing the targets receive. After this, the Cookie assumes its dragon form and spews flaming breath to deal damage ignoring DMG Resist and reducing the targets’ ATK. Whenever Pitaya Dragon Cookie uses their skill, they gain a stack of Pitaya Fury that will enhance the skill upon reaching the maximum stacks. When using the enhanced skill, Pitaya Dragon Cookie’s flaming breath will deal damage ignoring DMG Resist and decreasing the target’s resistance to Fire-type DMG. In their dragon form, the Cookie will gain increased CRIT% and remove all debuffs applied to themselves. As a Dragon Cookie, Pitaya Dragon Cookie will receive less damage from other Dragon Cookies and have their DMG Resist increased in proportion to their ATK enhanced with Toppings. While Pitaya Dragon Cookie is using their skill, they will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Ambush
  • Position: Middle
Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Royal Margarine Cookie
Image via Devsisters
  • Skill Description: Royal Margarine Cookie soars on Buttercream’s back and fires Buttercream Blasts at the 3 enemies with the highest ATK thrice. Buttercream Blasts deal damage, Poison the targets, and apply a DEF-decreasing debuff. Buttercream then rushes towards the enemies, dealing damage and additional damage in proportion to the number of periodic damage effects the targets’ have applied. Buttercream Blasts target boss monsters first. While Royal Margarine Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Special episode: Legend of the red dragon

The Cookies’ adventures continue: see what happens next in the new Special Episode. The new Special Episode is a permanent story-mode feature that will be introduced in the new Version 4.4 patch. Just like Cookie Odyssey during Version 3.0, this fresh new story mode requires the players to obtain Dragonscale Quills in order to play and progress through the story. Follow the adventures of Hollyberry Cookie and Pitaya Dragon Cookie in Legend of the Red Dragon. The story will continue in the following updates after Version 4.4 is released. 

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Special episode Legend of the red dragon
Image via Devsisters

 Advance through the story, complete the Red Dragon Collection and earn rewards. Choose between the Normal and Hard difficulty levels: Hard will unlock once you clear all stages on Normal. The new Special Episode will become available once you complete Cookie Odyssey. Or you can use Crystals to unlock it instantly.

Resonant toppings – draconic resonant toppings

There will be another set of new Resonant Toppings like the Moonkissed Toppings and Triple Cone Cup Toppings will be available in the update. The new type of Resonant Toppings is called the Draconic Resonant Toppings, they can only be used and equipped by a selected amount of Cookies.

  • Draconic Raspberry
  • Draconic Chocolate
  • Draconic Almond
  • Draconic Caramel
  • Draconic Apple Jelly
Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Resonant toppings – draconic resonant toppings
Image via Devsisters

You can check the Cookies that can equip the above Toppings in the Toppings info. As of May 18 (Version 4.4 Update), only Pitaya Dragon Cookie, Royal Margarine Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, and Wildberry Cookie will be able to equip these Toppings. If you equip a Resonant Topping and regular Toppings from the same set, you will still gain the Set Effect. Draconic Toppings have higher minimum Bonus Stat values than regular Toppings and the same maximum values.

Here are some of the Limited Events that will be released in this patch.

The new patch will also introduce and implement a whole different Gacha system.  Increase your chances of pulling a desired Cookie with the new Chance Up system. The first Cookies to appear in the Chance Up Cookie Gacha are the protagonists of the Dragon’s Valley story: Hollyberry Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, and Royal Margarine Cookie. These cookies will have a higher chance of appearance than in the regular Cookie Gacha.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Chance up cookie gacha
Image via Devsisters

You may select up to two Cookies for a Chance Up upgrade. If you select the same Cookie twice, you can further increase your chances of obtaining this Cookie. Once you have reached a given total number of pulls, you will receive a guaranteed Hollyberry Cookie. Use Lucky Cookie Tickets: Dragon Raid to pull Cookies in the Chance Up Cookie Gacha.

These items can be obtained through various events and missions. Unused Lucky Cookie Tickets will be converted to Coins once this Chance Up season is over. Due to a number of changes that had to be done to the existing Gacha system with the implementation of this new feature, the Gacha History has been reset. 

Legend of the red dragon – special episode limited event

Enjoy the discounted price of unlocking the Special Episode with Crystals and the opportunity to earn Red Dragon’s Seals in battles as part of the time-limited event! To advance in Legend of the Red Dragon, you will require Dragonscale Quills that refill with time or can be obtained through various events or purchased in packages or directly.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Legend of the red dragon – special episode limited event
Image via Devsisters

 Earn Catnip Coins by completing the Special Episode’s stage and quests; Catnip Coins can be exchanged for various useful items. Access Catnip Cookie’s shop by tapping Catnip Cookie on the square in Dragon City. Cookie Odyssey will be moved to the new “Special Episodes” category.

Hall of encounter

In the Hall of Encounter, you can upgrade Cookies brought together by fate, earn rewards, and gain time-limited buffs. Complete various event missions in the Hall of Encounter to earn points that can be used to upgrade the Hall. Tap the Missions & Rewards button at the bottom of the screen to access the Hall of Encounter missions. On the Missions & Rewards screen, you can also earn rewards for upgrading the Hall of Encounter: these rewards are divided into fixed and randomized rewards.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Hall of encounter
Image via Devsisters

 After fully upgrading the Hall of Encounter, you can claim extra Random Reward Chests by spending points. Random Reward Chests may contain Monument Fragments, Unity Essence, Draconic Toppings, Crystals, and other rewards. Use Monument Fragments mentioned above to complete the Hall of Encounter Monument.

Obtain and use Monument Fragments to activate the special time-limited buffs depending on the Fragment. A special item called “Unity Essence” allows you to upgrade Monument Fragments up to +3. Collect all the Monument Fragments to claim the Monument Picture. Obtained Pictures can be accessed via the Tower of Records.

Improved toppings management

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Improved toppings management
Image via Devsisters

Players can upgrade up to x5 Toppings at the same time with the new improved Topping update system. First, they need to reset the Topping Storage. Then Remove the entire Topping Set with a single tap. Finally, they can check where a certain Topping Set is used. Additionally, players can access the team’s Toppings from the battle preparation screen.

Existing cookies changes

In order to enable a more diverse variety of strategies across the game modes, some of the existing Cookie’s stats have been adjusted to have more balance in the game overall. Devistars assured players that there will be more balanced changes in the coming future patch updates. As for now, here are the following Cookies that will be getting changed in their kit multipliers:  

Sparkling Cookie

  • DEF: +15%
  • HP: +30%

Mint Choco Cookie

  • DEF: +7.5%
  • HP: +5.5%

Pomegranate Cookie

  • DEF: +6%
  • HP: +3.5%

Cream Puff Cookie

  • DEF: +4.5%
  • HP: +15%

Parfait Cookie

  • HP: +9.5%

Cream Unicorn Cookie

  • DEF: +11%
  • HP: +17.5%

Existing treasures changes

In addition to the Cookies, some of the existing Treasures will also have changes added to them in the new update. The following Treasures have been rebalanced as well.

  • Pilgrim’s Slingshot: Enemy DEF -69.6% → -70% at maximum level
  • Grim-looking Scythe: Ally CRIT% +29.8% → +30% at maximum level
  • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll: Ally ATK +59.7% → 60% at maximum level
  • Miraculous Ghost Ice Cream: Enemy DEF -49.6% → -50% at maximum level
  • Bear Jelly’s Lollipop: Ally CRIT% +39.8% → +40% at maximum level
  • Priestess Cookie’s Paper Charm: Deals 34.8% of the team’s total DMG → 45% of the team’s total DMG at maximum level
  • Divine Honey Cream Crown: CRIT DMG +45.0% → +50% at maximum level
  • Durianeer’s Squeaky Flamingo Tube: Max HP +50% → +65% at maximum level
  • Hollyberrian Royal Necklace: HP Shield equal to 30% of the target’s Max HP, DMG Resist +15% → HP Shield equal to 35% of the target’s Max HP, DMG Resist +17.5%

Decors and kingdom backgrounds

Nothing is more exciting than spicing up your Kingdom layout and area with aesthetic and pretty Decors and Background Music. In the new 4.4 update, players will be able to purchase and add the new Theme bundle “The Fabled Dragon City” which consists of 12 new decors.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 Decors and kingdom backgrounds
Image via Devsisters

In addition, the more abled spenders in the player base can purchase the Legendary Dragon Pass and obtain a new Landmark and 6 new decors. Get a new Kingdom background will also be added called the Scorching Dragon’s Valley. In order to obtain the new Kingdom backgrounds, players would have to purchase the Pitaya Dragon Cookie’s Special Package Vol.3 to unlock it.

Music Hall

Look alive as the new update will feature some new music to be played in the background of your game and your Kingdom. Five new albums have been added to the Kingdom’s Music Hall.

  • The Legend of the Duskgloom Sea
  • Magical Days with the Cookies
  • At the Elementals’ Domains
  • Triple Cone Cup
  • Sugar Sweet Destiny 

That was all about the Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.4 update.

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