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Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.9 update “A Mermaid’s Tale Part 1” is set to release on August 9, 2023

"This is a tale of a mermaid that the sea once loved..."

Cookie Run: Kingdom is set to release the new Version 4.9 update “A Mermaid’s Tale Part 1” on August 9th , 2023. The update will be available after maintenance which will be held around 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +9). The new update will be a lore heavy story update that will delve around Black Pearl Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie along with many other new additional Cookies in the story. It’s a big patch that will release new Cookies, New Costumes, Limited Events, Magic Candies for higher rarity Cookies, and many other additions awaiting in this update.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Support
  • Position: Back

Peppermint Cookie is a Support Cookie that uses the skill, ‘Freshness of the Sea.’

Cookie Run Kingdom Peppermint Cookie Game Image
Image via Devsisters

Skill description: Peppermint Cookie blows the conch shell to summon the Peppermint Whale. The refreshing sound of the conch shell heals the team, increasing their DMG Resist and Debuff Resist. The Peppermint Whale creates a wave, dealing Water-type damage to enemies in front of it, and also Heals the allies for an amount equal to a portion of the damage dealt. Fresh water brought by the whale covers the team with an HP Shield. Peppermint Cookie will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects while using the skill.

Special Episode: A Mermaid’s Tale PT. 1

The new special episode, A Mermaid’s Tale, revolving around the mystical underwater Cookies has been added. Clear the stories, collect the entries of all Cookies, and earn rewards. Starting from “A Mermaid’s Tale,” the Normal and Hard difficulty levels will be available right away instead of Story and Dark.

Choose the difficulty level you’d like to play!  If you clear a stage on the Hard difficulty, you will automatically clear the Normal difficulty as well, which will allow you to claim both first clear rewards for Hard and Normal difficulties.

Cookie Run Kingdom A Mermaid's Tale Part 1 game update-min-overview
Image via Devsisters

 In order to access ‘A Mermaid’s Tale,’ you must unlock and upgrade the Seaside Market or use Crystals to unlock the story. Lunar Coral Quills are required to play in A Mermaid’s Tale. Lunar Coral Quills are recharged at midnight. Additional Quills can be acquired through events, packages, or direct purchases.

Underwater Catnip Coins can be obtained by completing A Mermaid’s Tale stages or quests and can be used to buy an assortment of items at the Mermaid Kingdom Shop. The Mermaid Kingdom Shop can be accessed from the Chamber of the Tear by talking with Catnip Cookie. With the addition of “A Mermaid’s Tale,” you will gain access to a new time-limited event that will allow you to obtain the new resource for the Legendary Gacha, “Dreamy Crystal Droplets,” and other rewards.

New Toppings: Sea Salt Toppings

The new Resonant Sea Salt Toppings that can only be equipped by specific Cookies have been added.

  • Sea Salt Raspberry
  • Sea Salt Chocolate Chip
  • Sea Salt Almond
  • Sea Salt Caramel
  • Sea Salt Apple Jelly
Cookie Run Kingdom Sea Salt Toppings
Image via Devsisters

Find out which Cookies can equip the Toppings in Topping Details. The set effect of Toppings will activate regardless of whether they’re regular or Resonant Toppings, as long as all of the Toppings equipped are of the same set. When the Bonus effect of resonant toppings is enhanced, Resonant Toppings have a higher minimum Bonus Stat value than regular Toppings. Additional bonus effects of Resonant Toppings may differ from that of regular Toppings.

New: Crystal Jam

Cookie Run Kingdom Crystal Jam
Image via Devsisters

You can unleash the powers sealed by the Darkness and grant Ancient, Legendary, and Dragon Cookies with new powers! Sea Fairy Cookie and Black Pearl Cookie are the first two to unlock their Crystal Jam. These function the same way as a Magic Candy where their kits and multipliers are significantly buffed up if they are equipped.

Crystal Jam Effects

By equipping the Cookie with Crystal Jam, you can upgrade their skill or unlock new effects for a stronger and unique performance. You can check out the enhanced effect and animation of the skill in detail in the preview on the Crystal Jam crafting screen. You can select a leader for your team and unlock their Rally Effects. In Team Settings, you can select the Cookie with Crystal Jam as the leader by tapping the Select Leader button. You may select one leader for your team, and their Rally Effect will be automatically applied once the Cookie is appointed as leader.

  • Ascended Effect: If you upgrade a Crystal Jam to +15, you can unlock its Ascended Effect and allow the Cookie to wield additional powers in battle depending on their Ascension level.
  1. Sea Fairy Cookie’s Crystal Jam
  • Rally Effect: Increase Water-type attack DMG of ally Cookies.
  • Crystal Jam Effect: Sea Fairy Cookie’s overwhelming feelings towards the Moon empower her abilities to control the sea. Whenever she uses her skill, she will gain a stack of Tidal Wave. Upon gaining x2 stacks, the skill will become enhanced, summoning an enormous wave that deals damage, pushes the enemies back, and Stuns them. Sea Fairy Cookie will also increase the CRIT DMG of allies who can deal Water-type damage. The first Sea Fairy Cookie’s skill used in the battle will become enhanced.

2. Black Pearl Cookie’s Crystal Jam

  • Rally Effect: DMG Resist Bypass to Skill attacks of ally Cookies
  • Crystal Jam Effect: Black Pearl Cookie’s hatred is deeper than the deepest ocean! The sovereign of the Duskgloom Sea will decrease her targets’ CRIT% with her skill and gain stacks of Hatred during the battle. At maximum stacks, her skill will be enhanced. For each ally Cookie defeated, Black Pearl Cookie will gain an increased number of Hatred stacks. The enhanced skill will now trap its targets in Water Cage, dealing periodic damage for the duration of the Water Cage. Additionally, Tornado will appear at the center of the Whirlpool, dealing extra damage.

Kingdom Arena Improvements

New UI and additional features are in the Arena for a more exciting experience.

  • Arena Seasons: You can see the Featured Cookies in this season, this season’s missions, and other various information on rewards. If you use the Featured Cookies in your team, you can receive special effects.
  • Arena Medal Shop: The Arena League Shop is added to the Arena Medal Shop, where you can purchase goods with Medals of Victory. The League Shop is unlocked once you reach Crystal Tier, and you can purchase items according to your tier. Items at the League Shop are refreshed every season.
  • Practicing with Defenders: You can now practice with your team of Defenders. You can test out your team of Defenders and play against the selected team of Attackers.
  • Pedestal Ornaments: You can now get a Pedestal and purchase different Pedestal ornaments depending on your tier! Play in the Arena and decorate your Pedestal! Pedestal ornaments can be purchased with ‘Victory Coins,’ which are available from the Arena Tier’s Daily Rewards. Arena Pedestals are available in the player info and opponent list, as well as the Hall of Fame.
Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.9 update Kingdom Arena Update
Image via Devsisters
  • Rewatch Battle: You can now rewatch your battle from the battle result screen. You can rewatch battles from the battle result screen when you attack the opponent or play a revenge match. The rewatch playback speed is available in 4 speeds (x0.5, x1, x1.5, and x2.5).
  • Win Streak Bonus for Chocolate to Diamond Tiers: If you win in the Arena consecutively, you can earn a Win Streak Bonus where you obtain additional Trophies. The Win Streak Bonus starts from 2 wins and applies up to 5 wins. If you refresh your opponent list or lose with a Win Streak Bonus activated, you will lose your Win Streak Bonus.
  • New Arena Tier: A new tier has been added between Master and Grandmaster: Elite! With the addition of the Elite tier, some of the conditions have been slightly adjusted. You can reach the Elite tier if you reach the top 20% in Master. · You can now obtain Elite Tier Statues.
  • Arena Adjustments due to Addition of Elite: The season rewards and tier rewards have been adjusted. You can also obtain Victory Coins as Daily Rewards, which can be used to purchase Pedestal ornaments. You can now sort your results to see where you succeeded and failed to defend against enemy attacks. Instead of Master 2, players’ Kingdom names and profile pictures will be randomized starting from Elite 5. You will be able to hide certain Cookies in your Defenders team on tiers Silver to Master.

Dreamy Crystal Droplets Gacha

In the new Dreamy Crystal Droplets event, you can meet Sea Fairy Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, and their Soulstones or Life Jewels. Collect Dreamy Crystal Droplets from the event and store them to try the Legendary Gacha.

Dreamy Crystal Droplets Gacha Cookie Run Kingdom
Image via Devsisters

If you reach 270 pulls in the Legendary Gacha, you can obtain a Dark Ocean Chest and choose Sea Fairy Cookie or Black Pearl Cookie. You can also obtain their Life Jewels from the chest as well. If you obtain items from the Legendary Gacha when you already have the maximum amount of Life Jewels, you will receive Mileage Points instead.

Trial Grounds: New Event

Gather Life Jewels in the Trial Grounds to craft and upgrade your Crystal Jam! The higher the difficulty, the more Life Jewels you can obtain. In order to clear a stage, you will need to upgrade your Cookie and their Crystal Jam.

Cookie Run Kingdom Trial Grounds Gacha-min
Image via Devsisters

When you battle in the Trial Grounds, certain Cookies will be required to be placed in your team. You may change the Cookie to your team’s Cookie. In the Trial Grounds, you can use Rally Effects from certain Cookies. Rally Effects are automatically applied if you equip the Cookie with their Crystal Jam.

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  • Might Of The Ancients Difficulty Adjustment
  • Sugar Gnome Laboratory Unlock Conditions & Level Up Adjustments
  • Hall Of Ancient Heroes Unlock Condition Adjustments
  • Welcome Back Guide & Welcome Back Missions Renewal
  • Tutorial Improvement

That was all about the Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.9 update.

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