CrossFire: Warzone is now up for pre-registration on Android & iOS

Korean video game publishers Joycity have finally put up their long-anticipated real-time strategy game, Crossfire: Warzone in pre-registration for Android and iOS. It is expected to release some time around the end of July or starting of August 2020. The game is Joycity’s latest endeavor that will see the highly acclaimed Crossfire make a comeback, this time as a simulation game.

Adaptation from the CrossFire PC version

The original FPS franchise on PC had above 100 million players, so the company has decided to bring back 25 popular characters from the PC version into the new mobile version. Players can play with those characters taking charge of military vehicles or helicopters in a heated mix of PVE and PVP battles.

CrossFire: Warzone pre-registration, CrossFire: Warzone
Different characters from CrossFire: Warzone

In other words, you get to make use of high-tech combat squads and battle against evils to reclaim the cities, and other locations they have captured. Also, there are tons of organic weapons that could cause terrible harm to the world, which players will have to resist.

CrossFire: Warzone gameplay

The game demands real-time strategies, giving players a commendable level of control over the battle against terrorists. They’ll have to collect resources, upgrade their bases and train troops, in order to ensure that they’re well prepared for the fight.

Official Gameplay trailer

Joycity released a gameplay trailer of CrossFire: Warzone to give us an insight into the game. From the trailer, we see popular Crossfire character Natasha reporting to her commander while preparing for battle against the international terrorist organisation, giving us snippets from the identified locations.

When will CrossFire: Warzone release?

The game was extensively tested over the last seven months in over ten different countries, some of which were Singapore, the Philippines etc. The soft launch gave the developers a chance to fix all instability issues regarding its online environment, conversely checking several elements for issues.

CrossFire: Warzone is currently available for pre-registration at the Google Play Store for Android and at the Apple App Store for iOS. The game is expected to launch in 166 countries, somewhere around the end of July or starting of August. The game will be free to start, and includes in-app purchases.

If you are a fan of the CrossFire franchise or want to try out the new RTS game, go ahead and pre-register now to receive rare commander equipment plus other items at launch.

Are you excited for the CrossFire: Warzone game as it opens for pre-registration? Let us know in the comment section below.

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