Dark Raider is now available on Android and iOS

Mobile gamers can rejoice as their awaited hack & slash video game is now available on their favorite platform. On January 25, 2020, Moment Interactive Limited published Dark Raider for Microsoft Windows via Steam. It is developed by Unreal Dark Stud. While the game was released in Early Access on Steam, a mobile version was going to be released sooner or later. The time has finally come and as of today, May 20, 2020, Dark Raider is available on both Android and iOS Devices.


The game features three different “heroes” – Warrior, Mage, and Barbarian. Each of them has their own abilities and skillsets, which may serve as an advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation and enemies that players come across. The Warrior is an agile character. It relies on increased mobility during fights and can attack its enemies at an incredibly faster rate as compared to other heroes. The Mage, on the other hand, is a character that likes to keep its distance during fights. Mage relies on ranged combat by means of magical bursts. However, this hero has very low health and players should avoid incoming attacks at all costs. The Barbarian is the hero you’d use when you’re playing defensive. It has a much higher amount of health as compared to the other two heroes. Its attack speed is, however, very slow and players must time their attacks carefully.

Dark Raider available on Android and iOS
Dark Raider Heroes

The developers of the game have plans to add more heroes to the game in the future. As you progress through the levels, your character’s abilities improve, which you can use to your advantage during combat.

Level Design

One of the interesting facts about this game is that it features randomly generated levels. Therefore, each experience will be completely new and unique for the players. The map of the dungeon that players will explore will change after each session along with the enemies in that level. The same rule applies to the player’s death. Therefore, they will never be able to “learn a map” and complete that level with ease in their subsequent attempts.

The game will feature different types of enemies and players will need to choose their heroes carefully. The game also features boss battles and according to the developers, there are 23 bosses in the game.

How to get Dark Raider?

As Dark Raider is now available on both Android and iOS devices, all you need to do is simply head over to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and begin your quest for dungeon exploration.

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