Dawnlands to open a closed beta test starting June 25th for Android

A new adventure begins!

A closed beta test for Dawnlands, an upcoming actionadventure title, is set to commence on June 25th for Android devices, offering players an opportunity to experience the game before its official release on mobile and PC. The pre-registrations are now live on the respective App Stores.

Dawlands offers a journey in an intriguing open world

In Dawnlands, players embark on a quest to awaken an ancient land. With a vast and breathtaking open world, adventurers can explore diverse biomes, encounter relics, and solve intriguing puzzles. The once-dormant realm is teeming with potential, waiting to be discovered and shaped through the player’s actions.

Building and crafting play integral roles in Dawnlands, offering players the freedom to design and construct. With over 100 diverse crafting materials at their disposal, players can shape the landscape, creating unique structures and manipulating the terrain to their liking. Through battles and exploration, players can unlock new recipes, allowing them to craft weapons, attire, and essential tools.

Up to four players can share a single game world, either exploring independently or forming a team. Friends can visit each other’s lands through the friend’s system or exchange invitation codes. Additionally, Dawnlands offers recommendations for random worlds to join, providing opportunities to meet new companions and form connections.

How to participate in the Dawnlands closed beta test

To participate in the closed beta test of Dawnlands starting on June 25th, it is essential to possess a Trial Key, a special code that grants access to the game. Selected players will receive this key prior to the test, allowing them to play Dawnlands and provide feedback.

  • Fill up the closed beta registration form here.
  • After filling up, double-check the mail ID provided as you will be getting the emails there.
  • If selected for the test, you will receive a Trial Key to your email, which you can use to play the beta.

Interested players can pre-register for the game via Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS respectively.

What are your thoughts on Dawnlands opening a closed beta test starting June 25th for Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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