Dead Cells introduces ‘Boss Rush mode and Everyone is here vol 2’ update on both Android and iOS

Free update is now available for players!

Dead Cells’ free update, Boss rush mode and Everyone is here vol 2 is now available on Android and iOS. It is now time for players to face the trials.

A completely new alternative game mode is introduced by Boss Rush mode. Face off with the bosses one at a time and learn new things about your old enemies, some of whom have been improved to kick you even harder! Be on the lookout for an extra limb, a new healing power, or allies who will assist them in killing you.

New visitors from Terraria, Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami, Katana Zero, Slay the Spire, and Risk of Rain are also welcomed on the island. Use your trusty baseball bat to smash your enemies, your brand-new laser glaive to kill them, or your orbs to electrify them in the Everyone is here vol.2 update.

Dead Cells Boss Rush mode and Everyone is here vol. 2: Update Features

Boss Rush mode

Find a new alternative game mode to battle your favorite bosses simultaneously:

  • To earn gold and cells to put into the forge, successfully complete the four trials and defeat the nervy bosses.
  • Cherish a well deserved reward for your efforts with a new weapon, 8 new skins, a
  • new skill and a new mutation.
  • Need a bigger challenge? See if you can survive the upgraded bosses. They are prepared to give you the boot.
  • With a new, customizable statue, immortalize your success.

Everyone is here vol 2

Six new outfits, weapons, and lore rooms based on your favorite independent games will spice up your runs:

  • Use the Starfury heavenly sword from Terraria to hurl meteors from the sky.
  • With the King Scepter of the Shovel Knight, shoulder bash monsters and bounce around.
  • Use Jacket’s baseball bat from Hotline Miami to strike and stun adversaries.
  • Throw a devastating object with Subject ZERO.
  • To use each of the classes’ devastating skills, choose a card from the Slay the Spire’s Diverse Deck.
  • Use the devastating Laser Glaive from Risk of Rain to slash all of your enemies.

That’s all about the Boss Rush mode and Everyone is here vol 2 update in Dead Cells.

How much are you excited about the Boss Rush mode and Everyone is here vol.2 update in Dead Cells? Let us know in the comment section below!

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