Dead Man’s Phone: Unmasked is an interactive mobile crime game now available on Android and iOS

With Dead Man’s Phone: Unmasked, a new interactive crime series available now on Android and iOS through the cutting-edge storytelling platform Scriptic, enter the shadowy realm of online sex work. In the interactive mobile game Dead Man’s Phone: Unmasked, developed by Electric Noir Studios, you take on the role of a homicide investigator tasked with solving the murder of a man whose body was discovered on Hampstead Heath.

Put in the shoes of a homicide detective charged with cracking the case 

The victim may be well-known AllMyFans influencer Gemma Dream, as suggested by the victim’s brilliant red hair clumps and trademark golden mask. You have tried to unravel the riddle of what happened to Gemma using the victim’s phone, but after searching through the victim’s social media, speaking with an old ex-boyfriend, and apprehending malicious subscribers, you are still no closer to the truth.

Dead Man’s Phone: Unmasked available
Image via Electric Noir Studios

As you use in-game tools, such as a news app to report each arrest you make, maps to track suspects’ current locations, a social networking app for creating viral campaigns, and video conferencing to conduct police interrogation remotely, your story develops.

Use multiple-choice answers to solve the crime in the manner that best suits your investigative methods and maintain control over the course of the story.

After the success of the first season we wanted to make something that was true to our ethos of telling compelling stories while making sure that our voice is used for a social good. The mobile game platform has allowed us to reach a huge audience and really puts the player in the shoes of the detective. We want to use our platform to amplify marginalised voices.

Nihal Tharoor, Founder and CEO of ElectricNoir

Writer Martha Reed crafted the gripping narrative for Electric Noir Studios to raise awareness of the challenges faced by online sex workers in their daily lives, the abuse that they face online, the stigma that they face from society, and the serious threats to their personal safety, including doxing and harassment.

The story challenges the culture of victim-blaming by portraying women and sex workers as relatable, fallible, ordinary people, highlighting the right for women to live in safety regardless of their jobs or sexual preferences. The Dead Man’s Phone series spotlights important social issues typically not highlighted through the medium of video games.

Former British homicide detective Sim Cryer worked as a consultant to make the experience as authentic as possible, alongside lending his acting talents to the final experience as a chief inspector to help you navigate the mystery. 

Influencer and glamour model Victoria Barrett also consulted on the real world of OnlyFans, with Haruka Kuroda brought in as intimacy coordinator to advocate and liaise between the cast and the production team to ensure that consent, boundaries, and expectations were set and maintained throughout filming.

Both seasons of Dead Man’s Phone will become available on Netflix later this year

Electric Noir Studios is continuing to grow in response to the popularity of Dead Man’s Phone: Redman’s first season with the aim of developing even more interactive stories across many genres for the Scriptic platform.

Dead Man’s Phone: Unmasked available
Image via Electric Noir Studios

The critically acclaimed game by Electric Noir Studios has a second season out now, with more to come, each with a moving tale to tell after receiving a BAFTA nomination in 2020. Additionally, the company said that later this year, both seasons of Dead Man’s Phone will be made available on Netflix under the Scriptic platform moniker.

Netflix announced its move into gaming last year, now offering a curated selection of high-quality mobile games on the Netflix app, with unlimited access for Netflix subscribers without ads or in-app purchases. Through Scriptic, Dead Man’s Phone: Redman and Unmasked will join this exclusive selection of titles and deliver immersive, interactive dramas to Netflix audiences worldwide.

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