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Dear, Ella: Com2uS’s new fantasy RPG is now available on Android and iOS

Embark on an epic adventure to complete unique quests!

The newest mobile RPG from Com2uS Holdings, a leading game developer and publisher, is called Dear, Ella. Players will unite strong characters and set off on an epic journey across an increasing number of colorful worlds, each with its own special objectives and rewards waiting to be unlocked. The game is set in a fantasy setting. Dear, Ella is now available for free on mobile.

Dear, Ella takes players on an epic quest to visit dangerous yet beautiful dungeons

In Dear, Ella, players explore the Esperansa Kingdom while enlisting strong heroes to aid Princess Ella in taking the throne and exacting revenge on her murdered father. Ella’s cruel uncle Zenon incites a rebellion and kills both Ella and her father, the king.

Dear, Ella - Battle
Image via Com2uS

Ella is reincarnated in a future world where she has the chance to alter her fate while being protected by a mystery pendant. As Ella and her allies fight Zenon’s goons to rebuild the kingdom, numerous stories will be told.

Complete exciting levels to win amazing rewards in Dear, Ella

By succeeding in numerous encounters and progressing through the game’s progression system, players will have the chance to hire additional heroes and enhance their equipment as they go on their quest. Players that endure the following seven dungeons can fight their way to the best rewards:

  • Event Dungeons – Complete each level to unlock the next stage in the adventure and earn various upgrade materials such as EXP Potions and Inscription Runes. Each dungeon has a daily time limit, so players will need to come prepared with strategies!
  • Forgotten Mine – Earn Gold, one of the most important currencies in the game, to enhance heroes and gear as well as a player’s overall growth. Players can earn Gold throughout Adventure mode, but the Forgotten Mine will net a huge amount of gold all at once. 
  • Ancient Temple – Open for a short period of time daily, this dungeon allows players to earn materials for crafting gear. Once a player reaches 100% progress, the next difficulty level will be unlocked.
  • Arena – Players can level up their party and Chain Skills in this PvP mode. Win Battle Rewards in the currency of Honor Coins that can be exchanged for various items at the Honor Shop, and Rank Rewards, including Crystals, Gems, and Honor Coins which players can earn based on Arena Rank. Season schedules will be announced prior to kick-off.
  • Land of Illusions – Defeat monsters disguised as heroes within a limited number of attempts per day and earn Rubies for successfully using Chain Skills a certain number of times. The number of Rubies received depends on the difficulty level of the dungeon and Chain Skill results.
  • Ice Queen’s Nightmare – Earn materials to enhance your gear at low difficulty levels and recipes for crafting Epic gear at higher difficulty, but only for a certain amount of time every day. Higher difficulties are unlocked as players progress through Adventure mode.
  • Kaimora’s Megafurnace – Players can craft powerful Gear using Kaimora’s Breath, which can only be refined in the Megafurnace. Monsters are attracted to the Megafurnace’s mana so players will need to divide their party into the Front Team and the Rear Team to defeat them.

Dear, Ella is the first mobile RPG to be made available on Com2uS Holdings’ recently launched Mainnet. It was created in collaboration with XPLA, an open-source blockchain ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps). Dear,Ella is now available for free on Android and iOS.

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