Defense Derby enters early access on Android in selected regions

RisingWings announces the Early Access will last until May 11 on Google Play for players to access!

RisingWings, an independent studio of KRAFTON has announced the early access test of its real-time strategy defense mobile game Defense Derby. Players can participate by downloading the game from Google Play while the early access test is open and running through May 11. Before the game’s official release, the test seeks to gather input and improve the game’s quality.

Defense Derby will enter early access in selected regions including Korea, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, and Thailand Players can win prizes worth INR 700 through Early Access Testing thanks to specially handpicked presents for the Indian audience. 2500 Crystals, 500 Gold, 500 Elixir, and 500 ManaStone are among the awards.

Experience intense mind games and strong synergy effects among cards in Defense Derby

Defence Derby is a Tower Defence strategy game that gives players a whole new level of fun with challenging mind games and powerful card synergy effects. Four players construct a deck of cards each round through scouting. They use it to defend their castles from monsters until only one player is left.

Defence Derby features a brand-new system and mode that weren’t present in the global pre-release test version from the previous year. First, a change has been made to the card-acquiring process. Players will start each match with two cards from their chosen deck. They can also get an extra card if they defeat a boss monster.

Defense Derby early access
Image via RisingWings

Additionally, during conflicts, units can be combined for more strategic gaming. This early access test version also includes a Path of Guardian step-by-step growth system. This system serves as a milestone, offering fresh objectives and incentives to inspire players to get the most out of the game. The “Path of Guardian” is a ladder that players can climb based on their league standing and derby point total. Hero/Unit cards, castle exteriors, and the content unlock are all possible rewards for players.

Derby Free Fight – Mirror Match event mode is also available for players

The event mode Derby Free Fight – Mirror Match is also available, allowing all players to play Derby with the same provided deck, enabling them to enjoy the game without being hindered by their deck. It’s expected that there will be exciting mental fights because each participant must utilize the same deck.

The scouting mechanism, which encourages players to predict their opponent’s next move and make a daring attempt, and the strategic card deployment to produce a variety of synergy effects are what make the game unique. Players can now take advantage of more immersive gameplay and heart-pounding mental activities as a result.

Players from the selected regions with Android devices can download Defense Derby from Google Play Store. Players not residing in those regions can try taking part in the game’s early access by using VPN services. Additionally, interested users can visit Defense Derby’s YouTube and Instagram channels for more details about the game and its early access test.

Are you excited as Defense Derby begins its early access test? Let us know in the comment section below!

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