Destiny could be coming to mobile devices in the near future

Bungie to join hands with NetEase for the release!

Destiny, the popular First Person Shooter (FPS) game franchise developed by Bungie might be getting a mobile version soon in the near future. First reported by TheGamePost, the latest official job listings reveal that Bungie is looking for an Art Director, an Executive Producer, and a Senior Test Manager, all of whom will be working on an upcoming Destiny game, which points to being a new mobile title. The requirements include being an expert on the Destiny IP and also having experience with AAA mobile games, something that cements the fact that a Destiny mobile game is actually being produced. A release on both Android and iOS devices would help expand the title to more regions worldwide.

For those who don’t know, the Destiny franchise is a collection of Online FPS games in which players assume the roles of Guardians who must protect Earth’s last city and Destiny is often considered to be among some of the best video games ever made.

A collaboration between Bungie and NetEase is in the cards for the Destiny mobile game

Going into the job requirement that Bungie has posted, it can be seen that applicants are required to be willing to work with both internal and external partners. Moreover, they should be willing to travel to China when required, and also, being able to speak Chinese, which would definitely be a bonus and would be appreciated.

Destiny coming to mobile
Requirements listed by Bungie for the upcoming mobile version of Destiny

Now that’s where the NetEase connection comes in. Back in 2019, NetEase got a minority stake in Bungie along with a place on the board of directors after they invested more than $100 million into Bungie. The fact that NetEase is based out of China that specializes in online mobile games really fits in well with everything else that has been revealed so far regarding this upcoming game.

Apart from all these, Bungie partnered up with Activision, who published the games up until 2019, after which they started self-publishing their games.

A Destiny mobile game would be a dream come true for many players across the world

A Destiny mobile game is really great news and another addition to the list of mobile versions of popular games stacked up for release in the upcoming days. However, Destiny isn’t only the big game franchise that Bungie has worked on either, with Halo under their belt too from when they were acquired by Microsoft for a while.

All that being said, this is a really big reveal and a Destiny mobile game would be a dream come true for many. This is pretty much the only information that is available to us right now but more intel would probably arrive as the game’s production pans out.

Are you excited that Destiny is coming to mobile devices in the near future? Drop in your opinions in the comments section below!

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