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Devsisters announces 3 new games based on the Cookie Run IP

The Cookie Run universe is going to become bigger

More exciting news for gamers around the world as Devisters has confirmed that they are expanding the Cookie Run universe. The confirmation came when the developers announced on January 24 “that they are preparing new Cookie Run games that will expand the IP following Cookie Run: Kingdom.” The next game in the universe coming in 2022 will be Cookie Run: Oven Smash, with two more games already in development.

As of now, Devisters has said that they have started work on a newly launched project last year called Cookie Run: The Witch’s Castle (working title). The game will be based on puzzles and adventure in which the cookies that escaped the oven go on an adventure to escape the maze-like witch’s castle. The game will continue the saga started by Cookie Run: OvenBreak and Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run Witchs Castle
Image via Devsisters

The development team has further said that they are focusing on the hybrid genre which has a combination of tap-to-blast puzzle play and fun decorating the cookie’s room. Cookie Run: The Witch’s Castle is being developed by the team which worked on Cookie Run: Kingdom. The developers believe that “puzzles are still popular enough to occupy more than 6 or 7 positions in the top 20 mobile games in the US, they plan to target the Western market by applying the popularity of Cookie Run: Kingdom.”

Devsisters is also pushing into the action and battle genres. They are working on another game with the working title Project B which will be a mobile casual cooperative action game. This project is being developed by Devsisters to ensure that strategic play is involved in the game.

Cookie Run IP new games
Image via Devsisters

Players will be able to use the unique combat abilities of the cookies for an “immersive combat experience.” The developers are designing the game with “aggressive combat based on 3D modeling” which is something that every gamer wants.

3. Cookie Run: Oven Smash

The upcoming title in the Cookie Run universe is Cookie Run: Oven Smash. The game will be launched worldwide through mobile and Steam platforms in the second half of this year. Cookie Run: Oven Smash is going to be a real-time battle arena game. The game world will feature a large map with various cookie-specific skills, strategic actions, and a platformer-like play that will have players battling for victory.

Cookie Run IP new games
Image via Devsisters

Devsisters will be implementing a strategy to simultaneously target mobile and PC gamers. They believe that this strategy will help the game to gain popularity among previous Cookie Run players who are mostly mobile gamers along with PC players who will be making their first foray into the Cookie Run universe.

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