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Divine Descent, the MMORPG is now globally available on Android and iOS

Be the Light in the Dark

Onlygames HK created the MMORPG Divine Descent. It was recently launched on September 13th, 2023, and is currently available for download for both Android and iOS. The game revolves around choosing a career, collecting mythical creatures, completing battles and objectives with friends or other online players, and finally claiming the daily free goodies.

The game promises enticing lore for the players to progress through

The wicked Demons appeared on a planet on the verge of catastrophe, threatening the annihilation of humanity. Sol, the courageous Light God, was fighting a decisive battle against this terrible force. Sol’s soul was fractured into six fragments by the Demons’ tremendous hammer during the conflict. These shattered soul pieces were hidden away on the enigmatic Iost Islands. Humanity faced its darkest hour when the Dark Era began. The only way to restore equilibrium is to defeat the Demons.

Image via Onlygames HK

The Island Hunters establish an alliance of brave survivors to recapture the broken soul fragments and awaken the slumbering Light, God. Will the Island Hunters be successful in waking the Light God and ushering in a new period of light and life?

Make Pets and join in with your friends in the world of Divine Descent

In Divine Descent, a variety of career options are available, each with a unique set of characteristics. For example, the hunter seeks absolute strength, while the lyn seeks stunning assaults with both elegance and strength. Choose the option that best suits your tastes. Divine Descent has players from all around the world waiting to join you, make friends who share your hobbies, traverse progressively challenging dungeons with them, and defeat those terrifying bosses.

Divine Descent
Image via Onlygames HK

By assembling a sizable number of high-value and high-attribute battle pets, players can also hatch Mythical Pets, activate the bond between battle pets, awaken their special talents, control this power well, change the course of the combat, and defeat the opponent.

Every day, a ton of free incentives are offered. Fight all day with an extremely high likelihood of dropping wealth. By defeating the monster, you can acquire magical weapons, reach the peak of your combat skills, and save the planet. You are both essential because you are the link between life and death! You can play with your pals and overcome obstacles while upping your in-game romance with the help of romantic marriage aspects.

Divine Descent is presently available for download on both Android and iOS via the Google Play Store and App Store, so let’s not wait any longer and miss this incredible experience.

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