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Dragalia Lost Summon Showcase: A Clawful Caper

At 10:00 PM Pacific Time (PT), December 30 / 2019, the “New Year’s Tidings: A Clawful Caper” Summoning Event went live on Dragalia Lost. Featuring Limited-time Adventurers both new and known, you will want to ready your summons before they leave for up to a whole year!

Hailing from the eastern lands of Hinomoto, come not one but two Wyrmclan Leaders ready to spread New Years’ fortune and gifts. Moreover, last year’s Leader and his vassals are here too. They’re sure to make a central piece of your collection, so don’t miss out!

5 Star Limited Adventurers

Mitsuhide (Light / Dagger)

Leader of the Mouse Clan, and this banner’s main star. With a synergistic kit, Paralysis infliction and standalone prowess, Mitsuhide instantly ranks amongst the highest DPS adventurers of her element. In addition, the featured 5 star Dragon Daikokuten fits her like a glove, all the more reason to try your luck on this banner.

Nobunaga (Fire / Blade)

Leader of the Horse Clan, and Shogun aspirer. Able to disrupt enemy buffs, and a kit that rewards skilled play, Nobunaga makes a place for herself within a saturated weapon type and element.

Ieyasu (Shadow / Blade)

Leader of the Boar Clan, and last year’s powerhouse. Brings forth Bleed, an invaluable debuff, together with crits by the handful. Standing amongst the highest STR (Strength) values, along with recent inclusion to the Mana Spiral system boosts, Ieyasu is a force to be reckoned with.

5 Star Limited Dragons

Daikokuten (Light)

The Mouse Dragon, Mitsuhide’s pact-bound ally. With the correct adventurer type, he’s able to provide the highest STR boost to date. Additionally, his skill spawns a buff zone raising adventurers’ attack speed. More hits, more damage!

Marishiten (Shadow)

The Boar Dragon, Ieyasu’s pact-bound ally. Currently, no dragon in the standard shadow pool can supplant her in terms of raw STR. Therefore, she’s an essential asset to any adventurer who won’t benefit from competitor Shinobi’s Skill Damage boosts. If your shadow team is lacking Bleed, all the more reason to bring her.

4 Star Limited Adventurers

Chitose (Light / Wand)

Cuteness Incarnate, and Mitsuhide’s Retainer. He fulfills the valuable “cheerleader” buffing role while also raising the team skills’ damage. Meanwhile, his damage output is purposedly reduced, though this won’t keep him from being a valuable teammate.

Sazanka (Shadow / Axe)

The Cultured Flower, and Ieyasu’s retainer. Inflicting both Bleed and Sleep, Sazanka packs respectable utility for a 4-star unit. While she may not be the go-to Shadow axe at the moment, she definitely pulls her weight and is a viable candidate for the meta-shaking Mana Spiral boosts up ahead.

Addis (Wind / Blade)

The Noble Warrior, and Ieyasu’s indebted. Inflicting Bleed and Poison, Addis can take advantage of his innate Bleeding Punisher skill to boost his damage significantly. He is minorly held back by his tight rotations, difficult to keep up in hectic fights. While currently one-upped by Wind Blade competitor Victor, he makes a fine candidate for a Mana Spiral upgrade down the road.

The featured characters will be present with increased rates for a limited time during Dragalia Lost’s Clawful Caper event. After the banner ends on January 13, 09:59 PM Pacific Time (PT), these characters won’t remain in the regular summoning pool.

Standard characters with increased rates include: Lindworm ( Light / Dragon – 4 Star )

We on GamingonPhone wish you a great upcoming year and start to the decade! Feel free to drop down on our Discord and meet other mobile gaming enthusiasts.

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