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Dragalia Lost Flames of Reflection Summon Showcase

At 10:00 PM Pacific Time, January 14 / 2020, the “Flames of Reflection” Summon Showcase rerun will go live on Dragalia Lost. Featuring the Three Blacksmith Sisters and their ursine Dragon Arctos, this revisiting event is a great chance to try for them if you missed last year’s. “Bear” in mind, two of the sisters rank as top tier within the Flame element, and the Bear Dragon’s stun skill has seen use even outside of it!

Here’s a quick look into these event’s Characters. This is last year’s original reveal trailer, so pay no mind to the dates shown.

5 Star Adventurers

Ramona [ Flame / Axe ]

The Impassioned Blacksmith, and the trio’s middle sister. She sports the hardest hitting skill of her element, Forge Buster, and thus formidable dps. Ramona also boosts survivability with up to 40% team-wide defense increase, while powering her own strength by 23% at times. She’s been a staple pick against wind high end content since release and looks like she’s nowhere near stepping down.

Rena [ Flame / Blade ]

The Mana Infuser, and the trio’s eldest. Burst damage, Burn infliction, and crit amplification make the central part of her kit. Rena doesn’t fall behind her middle sis’, accompanying her in High Dragon Trials and extending beyond to the recent Agito boss. As an extra, she can buff her defense every 15 seconds, thus triggering her regenerative skill for added sustenance. All fire DPS revolves around Burn and while there’s now a surplus of inflicters, she still remains on top.

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5 Star Dragons

Arctos [ Flame ]

The Blacksmith’s coach, and training enthusiast. His two focus points are increasing crit damage and a stunning skill. Outside of Ezelith who he is best in the slot for, rarely any fire adventurer benefits from the crits. Rather, he’s seen most use in Healers and buff bots thanks to his stunning skill, which will interrupt some bosses and allow the team to skip their toughest segments. He’s, therefore, a great boon in the right hands.

4 Star Adventurers

Renee [ Water / Dagger ]

Future Smithing Genius, and the trio’s youngest. Her kit is split between crit rate buffs and sustain, without doing an outstanding job in either. As a water unit, she won’t get to play with her sisters, and susceptibility to Burn resistance pulls her away of current endgame content. While new Agito bosses could raise her popularity, for now, her best role is as AI backline with which to buff your controlled adventurer’s crits during solo content.

The featured characters will be present with increased rates during Dragalia Lost’s Flames of Reflection event. After the banner ends at 9:59 PM Pacific time, January 23 / 2020, these characters will remain as part of the regular summoning pool with standard rates.

Best of luck in your summons in Dragalia Lost Flames of Reflection! Stay tuned to GamingonPhone for more mobile video game news. Feel free to hop on over to our Discord and mingle with other mobile gaming enthusiasts.

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