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Dragon POW! begins open beta test for Android devices

Devour and Fight Back!

Dragon POW! is a mobile bullet-hell shooter RPG game developed by Flow Entertainment and distributed by Boltray Games. On July 7, the open beta test for Dragon POW began across all regions, including America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and others. This open beta test is scheduled to last 30 days on Google Play Store.

Discover long-lost secrets of the draconic continent and its Dragon Lords

The events of Dragon POW! take place on the continent of Kros, which the Devil has seized and locked. The Devil will be vanquished and the lost draconic treasures will be found under the guidance of Sig, our young Dragon Knight, and Ale, the last dragonling still alive. They will eat, change, and keep developing as they go. Additionally, he will learn additional long-forgotten details about this continent of dragons and its Dragon Lords.

Dragon POW open beta test
Image via Boltray Games

A bullet-hell shooter game is nothing new, yet Dragon POW! has something special to offer. It is brand-new gameplay, unlike anything you have ever seen. You have control over a dragon that can eat bosses, fight back, absorb bullets, evolve, and advance. The development system and fighting experience are both interesting and rewarding. Each monster has its flair, and its attacking patterns will astonish you.

Counter your enemies using the right elements and unique skills in Dragon POW!

Collect dragons from the five elements of fire, wind, lightning, poison, and ice. Use the appropriate Elements to counter your adversaries, and employ hundreds of different skills that randomly arise. Create a setup of your own. Play however you choose. Create the offensive and defensive plan that will work best for you!

Dragon POW open beta test
Image via Boltray Games

You will be able to select from several different map types in this beta test, including Shadow Forest, Freezing Glacier, Spirit Mountain, Sleepless Desert, Enchanted Forest, Magic City, Martyr’s Home, Land of Lava, and Modern City. You have to take down the special boss on each map.

Players can now download and play Dragon POW! from the Google Play Store. Interested players can also visit the official Facebook for more information on the game.

Are you excited as the Open Beta test for Dragon POW is now live? Let us know in the comment section below!

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