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Dragon Raja September 2023 update brings new 14th class, modes, events, and more

Brand-new content continues long after 3 years 

The popular cross-platform MMORPG known as Dragon Raja has recently unveiled its 14th class, Yasai, along with the introduction of a new PVP mode called Phantom Tracking in its September 2023 update. These additions are part of a significant update, marking three years since the game’s initial launch. Dragon Raja utilizes Unreal Engine 4 to deliver breathtaking graphics and an immersive open world, resulting in over 30 million downloads worldwide and consistently high ratings since its debut in 2020.

Throughout this three-year period, the Dragon Raja development team has continuously expanded the game by introducing new classes, maps, PVPVE modes, and events, ensuring an engaging experience for players in this cutting-edge cross-platform MMORPG.

14th Class Yasai joins the Dragon Raja family

The latest update to the game introduces a brand new 14th class known as the Japanese ninja-inspired Yasai. This addition brings a thrilling new dimension to combat. With Yasai’s unique fighting style and arsenal, including a massive folding fan and Kunai, players can anticipate fresh and exciting content that reflects diverse cultural references within the game.

Introducing new PVP Mode, Phantom Tracking

The recently introduced PvP mode, Phantom Tracking, permits players to choose between two factions: pursuers and pretenders. The pursuers are tasked with the objective of locating and apprehending as many pretenders as they can within the allotted time.

Dragon Raja September 2023 update PvP mode
Image via Archosaur Games

Conversely, the pretenders engage with unique objects to alter their appearance and assume disguises, introducing a significant challenge for the pursuers in their efforts to discern their true identities. This exhilarating new PvP mode introduces a novel and captivating social deduction aspect to Dragon Raja’s dynamic combat experience.

Brand-new content to continue long after 3 years in Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja has consistently delivered fresh game content to its players. Every three months, gamers can anticipate major updates introducing new gameplay and maps. Furthermore, the game offers monthly limited-time events and minor gameplay updates to maintain player engagement.

Dragon Raja September 2023 update new content
Image via Archosaur Games

Even experienced players will discover new and exhilarating content to explore within the game. As Dragon Raja enters its third year, the development team persists in innovating the original gameplay by introducing diversified and interactive PvP experiences, offering players fresh challenges.

Win cash rewards through new Guild Events in Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja warmly welcomes returning players with generous login rewards and community rewards. The Daily Event has become a favorite among players, providing them with lucrative rewards.

The latest community engagement introduces the highly anticipated Club Odyssey event, a social event that fans have been eagerly awaiting. It offers opportunities for both solo and guild participants to win cash prizes.

Additionally, the Ninja Cosplay Event is another exciting occasion for those looking to express their creativity and love for the new Class through cosplay. Overall, Dragon Raja is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and interactive community, providing its players with a variety of events and rewards to keep them engaged and enhance their in-game experience.

DIY fan-designing contest for new Yasai class in Dragon Raja

Additionally, the development team has acknowledged and valued the enthusiasm of the players for creation, whether it be through painting or handmade crafts shared on social media. In order to promote this creative expression even more, the team has launched an official fan DIY event with a focus on designing and crafting a weapon fan for the new Yasai class. Participants are provided with an opportunity to obtain the Dragon Raja Artbook as a reward, demonstrating the game’s dedication to engaging with the community.

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