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Dragon Trail: Hunter World showcases new gameplay trailer ahead of launch

The trailer looks promising!

Dragon Trail: Hunter World, the hotly anticipated open-world MMORPG for mobile, has just got another teaser trailer. The thing about teaser trailers is, that they don’t have very much information in them. Nevertheless, we’ve scrutinized every frame in a bid to extra as much intel as possible about this highly intriguing title. 

Before we get down to the business of explaining why you should play Dragon Trail at the first opportunity, here’s what it’s all about. Already available in the global East, Dragon Trail: Hunter World is set on a remote island occupied by tribes, dragons, and other assorted creatures.

Embark on an adventure to find your father on the Star Island

Dragon Trail: Hunter World stars an adventurous tribal youth who sets out to uncover the mystery of his father’s disappearance. His quest takes him into the woods, where he encounters a pack of horrible monsters.  He also encounters a friendly Fire Wyvern to fight by his side, and a mystical volume called the Book of Loyat, which contains all the answers he needs in his quest to find his father and defeat the dragons that are persecuting his tribe.

Image via TTHmobi

The game is set on Star Island, a sprawling fantasy landmass that’s made up of several different environments and habitats. Players will need to comb every inch in search of creatures to befriend and evolve. These creatures come in all shapes and sizes, from the lowly Bluish Parrot to the distinctly un-lowly Woolly Mammoth.

There are also Icy Bears, along with owls, cats, and more. And those are just the animals. You’ve also got human characters to manage. These come in four different classes, as per every self-respecting RPG. There’s the Warrior, the Shadowhunter, the Ranger, and the Priest.

Image via TTHmobi

Each class has its own particular uses. Warriors are solid all-rounders, inflicting lots of damage at close range. Rangers are good for chipping away at enemies from a distance, while Shadowhunters can sneak up to their opponents and deliver killing blows.  The Priest, on the other hand, is a nice guy, applying buffs and heals to their party members. 

The trailer promises a vibrant open-world adventure and gameplay

The trailer shows just how stunningly pretty Dragon Trail: Hunter World is shaping up to be. Taking a leaf from Genshin Impact’s book, it uses cel-shading to create a distinctive, stylish, clean, and surprisingly rich fantasy world. The other takeaway from the latest trailer is that Star Island is a beautiful place to be.

Cel-shading, of course, is the clever technology employed by some of the most visually acclaimed titles of the last two decades, from Okami to Breath of the Wild, as well as Borderlands and Untitled Goose Game. It suits Dragon Trail: Hunter World perfectly. 

Image via TTHmobi

Looking at the opening shot, we can see the hero standing at the top of a hill and staring at a distant tree with branches so vast that they can support a temple or fortress. It’s a dramatic spectacle, but we’re just as interested in the tiny details. Look at the grass. See how it waves in the breeze. Witness how the light plays on the surface of the water while our hero is fishing. Watch the way the sun breaks through the canopy of trees and dapples across the forest floor. It’s lush. 

We learn a bit about the characters in Dragon Trail: Hunter World, too. For instance, players can discover that the hero is seriously strong, with a sword that’s longer and wider than him. The Fire Wyvern, meanwhile, is roaring and breathing fire as soon as it hatches, and later on, we see five warriors charging across the plane on huge mounts, all covered in armor.

In short, the combat is shaping up to be awesome in Dragon Trail: Hunter World. Players will soon be able to jump into the action of Star Island soon enough. Till then, interested Android users can start pre-registering for the game on Google Play here.

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