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Dragonheir: Silent Gods, a new open-world RPG by Nuverse is now available on Android and iOS

Assemble your band of heroes and battle monsters from all corners of the multiverse

Nuverse, the publisher renowned for the successful game MARVEL Snap, and SGRA Studio express their enthusiasm as they jointly declare the release of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, a vast open-world RPG set in a multiverse. The game is now available for download on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, boasting complete cross-play and cross-save functionality. Dragonheir: Silent Gods garnered over three million pre-registrations worldwide before its official launch, marking it as Nuverse’s latest major hit title, following in the footsteps of MARVEL Snap.

Embark on an epic multiversal quest in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

In Dragonheir: Silent Gods, an open-world RPG, individuals have the opportunity to venture into mystical realms, uncover concealed mysteries, and tackle intricate puzzles while in pursuit of an ancient force capable of vanquishing the malevolent dragon that reigns over the multiverse.

Those who engage with the game will assume the identity of an adventurer who, having lost both memory and prowess, is destined to gather supporters to their side. They will embark on a journey through the expansive realm of Adenthia and the adjacent dimensions, embarking on a multiverse-spanning odyssey filled with insurmountable challenges. Key features of Dragonheir: Silent Gods include:

Non-Linear Open World Exploration

Players can embark on epic quests and venture into realms governed by a tyrannical dragon, immersing themselves in over 80 hours of intricate narrative material. By vanquishing adversaries, unraveling enigmas, and embarking on explorations, players can engage in these adventures, with additional content planned in a seasonal format post-launch. As they navigate the mystical realm of Adenthia, which boasts a scale akin to the continent of Europe, they’ll be charting their own course.

Strategic Combat

Players can immerse themselves in a semi-strategic combat system that promotes synergy among adventurers in Dragonheir. The game’s combat mechanics blend automatic battles with strategic forethought, requiring players to tactically deploy their adventurers’ unique abilities to overcome foes.

Dragonheir Matt Mercer Sagomir
Image via Nuverse

Over 200 adventurers can be enlisted throughout the open world and main storyline, with each character possessing their own distinct abilities, professions, combat attributes, and elemental affiliations. Players have the flexibility to form parties consisting of up to five adventurers, choosing from a pool of 20 different races, and can leverage the environment strategically during battles.

Intricate Crafting System

Ensure that one’s fellow adventurers are adequately equipped to achieve legendary status while collecting resources and creating fresh weaponry, protective gear, and consumables to bolster both their own and the party’s capabilities. Establish one’s personal campsite and ready oneself for the forthcoming expedition.

Cutting Edge Mobile Experience

Dragonheir: Silent Gods features cutting-edge technology on mobile, including features such as Spatial Audio and Refresh Rate Adaptation to maximize the enjoyment of playing the game on the go.

Adventure Alongside Matt Mercer in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

In Dragonheir: Silent Gods, gamers have the opportunity to enlist the aid of Sagomir, a squire hailing from the horsefolk, whose voice is provided by none other than Matt Mercer, the renowned game master and a prominent figure in the diverse world of entertainment encompassing Critical Role, a multi-platform show. Sagomir nurtures aspirations of achieving knighthood and is on the lookout for fellow adventurers willing to rally to his mission, as he sets out on a quest marked by principles of honor, valor, and fearlessness.

Celebrate the launch of Dragonheir: Silent Gods with in-game rewards

To mark the worldwide debut of Dragonheir: Silent Gods on various gaming platforms, SGRA Studio and Nuverse have organized a series of in-game activities that offer valuable prizes, including fresh characters and crafting materials, among other things. Gamers interested in claiming these rewards can simply join the action in the game by taking part in the One Step Ahead and Explore the Community event challenges.

Furthermore, there will be an external giveaway event to commemorate the global launch, featuring enticing prizes such as an iPhone 15 Pro Max, Amazon Gift Cards, and exclusive gift codes eagerly awaiting participants. Dragonheir: Silent Gods is now available on Apple Store, and Google Play Store.

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