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Dynasty Scrolls: Four new Mythical Heroines join the role-playing card game

Four new heroines, each with a unique set of skills and backstory!

Four new Mythical Heroines are coming to YOOZOO Gamesrole-playing mobile game Dynasty Scrolls. As the battle of Three Kingdoms rages on, each warring faction will receive new reinforcements on May 20th, 2021 via four new playable heroes that will be available until May 22nd, 2021. The newest update also introduces the Mythic Class, a whole new class of Heroes that offers a bonus extra skill on top of the existing hero skills. Additionally, each of the four new heroines has an Aptitude cap at a higher level than other heroes, allowing a serious competitive advantage over the usual hero picks!

Dynasty Scrolls is a role-playing mobile game published by Gtarcade on iOS and Android, set in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. Play as a young general alongside historical figures and be a force to change the dynasty. The game features beautiful character design created by over 100 artists and strategic gameplay with endless skills and synergy combinations. Recruit your heroes, forge your team, and make your own history in the magnificent era!

Who are the new heroines arriving in Dynasty Scrolls

Wei faction – Cao Jie

Daughter of the warlord Cao Cao, Cao Jie became disillusioned with her father when he forced her to marry Emperor Xian of Han. Cao Jie worked to secretly protect Emperor Xian from harm and even reprimanded her brother Cao Pi to save her husband. After Emperor Xian abdicated, Cao Jie followed him to his kingdom of Shanyang and worked hard to help the people of Han. Emperor Xian eventually learned to appreciate the empress’ loyalty.

Dynasty Scrolls New Mythical heroines

Cao Jie utilises two main skills to obliterate her foes. The Heaven Song deals heavy magic damage to four random enemies, applying a debuff called Soul Mark that decreases the target’s attack and defense by 15%. Her second spell, the Tiger on the Wind, further builds on Heaven Song and exiles any target that bears three Soul Marks, restricting movement and combo generation and increasing the damage the target takes by 60%.

Shu faction – Zhuge Guo

The daughter of Zhuge Liang and Huang Yueying, Zhuge Guo inherited her parents’ intellect and showed a particular talent for the arcane arts. She was rumoured to be able to speak to birds and once attracted flocks of cranes when she visited the family’s mountain abode with her parents. Zhuge Guo saw beyond the protection of her parents when she grew up and witnessed all the chaos of the world. She shed the mantle of mortality and flew into the heavens after her parents passed away, furthering her knowledge of the arcane.

Dynasty Scrolls New Mythical heroines

Zhuge Guo’s Crane Cry deals 119% magic damage to the enemy with the highest Rage and those around them, healing the lowest HP ally in turn. Her Bird Flock is an AoE attack that summons a Kite Bird that will assist Zhuge Guo and attack a random enemy.

Wu faction – Sun Luban

Sun Luban was always good at reading people. She used this skill to gain her father’s favor, incite political conflict and pull the strings during Sun Quan’s reign. Sun Luban has gained many connections through her marriages and used them to manipulate and deceive. She had Sun Deng killed as she did not think him a good crown prince, and was for a time the most influential person in the Wu court. Sun Luban’s ultimate goal, however, was to find the most suitable heir for the Sun family.

Dynasty Scrolls New Mythical heroines

Secretly plotting behind the scenes, Sun Luban excels at ambushing back row enemies and dealing an unholy amount of damage. Her Darkness Attack, besides inflicting damage, also converts a percentage of the pain dealt into HP. Mind prison on the other hend is an upgraded version of the Darkness Attack that Unites herself and one other friendly target, sharing damage taken evenly and receiving crit resist.

Warlord faction – Lu Lingqi

Dynasty Scrolls New Mythical heroines

Lu Lingqi showed impressive courage from a young age. She was a woman of few words and disliked people who talked too much and took no action. She learned martial arts from her father and became an excellent fighter. Calm and decisive, Lu Lingqi’s name became a legend when she fended off a surprise attack on her camp while her Warlord father was away. Lu Lingqi’s Worm Slash deals AoE damage to front-row enemies, giving her 1 Morale Mark each time a unit takes action. Morale Mark stacks up to five times and increases Lu Lingqi’s attack and defense for each stack. Heaven Halberd also gives her a shield and increases her allies’ total crit rate by a significant amount. That is all about the four new Mythical Heroines arriving in Dynasty Scrolls.

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