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Dynasty Scrolls: Horde mode, 1v1 mode and more new features are coming in the game

Plethora of new modes coming along with a new system!

YOOZOO Games, the leading mobile game developer behind popular titles such as Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming and Legacy of Discord, has announced a number of new features coming to its mobile role-playing card game Dynasty Scrolls today in a major game update. Two new PvE instances and a PvP mode have been added alongside new maps to explore. Additionally, a mechanism for awakening a hero’s level is now available to players as well as the Star Karma system offering collectible items that expand the lore of the game and increase power. 

What are the new features coming in Dynasty Scrolls?

Battle it Out Mode

Dynasty Scrolls new features

Young Generals who enjoy PvP can now enter Warlords’ Clash and battle other players in 1v1 scenarios across new battlefields. Opponents are chosen based on similar power levels, with winners collecting Warlord points to determine their Tier level. Players with the highest number of Warlord points at the end of a season will receive a new frame. Warlords’ Clash has a minimum requirement of level 55.

Treasure Hunts Mode

Dynasty Scrolls new features

Players who enjoy PvE are being treated to two new instances, Story of Time and Enemy at the Gates. In Story of Timeplayers receive rewards by completing puzzles and defeating enemies in brand new world areas. Through clearing levels, a unique buff, as well as treasure items, can be obtained. These items can be used to activate the treasure index of Dynasty Scrolls-Time, which gives a stat bonus. 

Horde Mode

Enemy at the gates

In Enemy at the Gates, a horde of invading enemies must be defeated in one of two separate battle modes. Players will need to use their Challenge Attempts to enter this challenging mode and can even further increase the difficulty by playing the Chariot mode in which their Challenge Attempts are consumed no matter the outcome of the battle. This fresh new PvE mode will test the Young Generals’ strategic thinking and the ability to plan ahead as they face increasingly difficult enemies that come in waves.

Awakening & Star Karma system

Awaken Hero

For those who have a Main Character and Legendary Hero above Level 120, this new update will allow them to significantly improve their power through ‘Awakening’ their heroes. Awakened Main Characters and Legendary Heroes have their level and attribute improved, and can also enhance accessories which improves their attributes. Look out for Awakening Missions if you have an applicable character!

New Star Karma System

Dynasty Scrolls is also introducing a new Star Karma system, which increases player power through collectible Star Karmas. As well as stat boosts these Star Karmas also contain interesting stories and connections to existing heroes. Once Level 80, Young Generals can obtain a Star Karma from the Stargaze House, Galaxy, or Auction. Using Star Karmas, players can activate the Star Guide and earn Star Karma Achievement to increase their power. The more Star Karmas you get, the more power you earn!

Alongside these major changes a number of other improvements have also been made to Dynasty Scrolls. More story instances, quick challenges, gifts, rewards and chests are being added alongside a number of optimisations and balances. 

We hope you found this article on Dynasty Scrolls new features helpful. Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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