EA confirms a mobile version of Skate might be coming in the future

The game will not be called Skate 4!

Electronic Arts announced their new free-to-play live-service game Skate, developed by Full Circle. They also confirmed that the mobile version of Skate is also developed. Since the release of Skate 3 in 2010, fans have eagerly waited for the new game of the series, Skate 4, now called Skate. The company on Thursday released the first piece of footage from the upcoming skateboarding game, which they called pre-pre-pre alpha footage.’

Skate Mobile developed
Image via Electronic Arts

The footage revealed a few features the developers intend to bring to the game. One of the game’s exciting features is called CollaboZone, where players can collaborate to build structures like buildings and ramps appearing in other people’s worlds. 

Skate will be released as a live service game, an authentic evolution of the series

Since the news of the game’s development came out, people have been calling the game ‘Skate 4’. But in a recent interview, the creative director of the game, Cuz Parry, make it clear that this game will not be called ‘Skate 4’ and there is a reason behind it. According to him, “This isn’t a sequel. This is not a remake. It’s not a reboot, a prequel, it’s not any of that. It’s not a remake or a remaster, whatever ‘re’ you can do.” Skate will be a live service game.

That means EA will keep supporting the game with new updates for as long as possible. “There won’t be a Skate 5 through 10; we won’t be pumping them out all the time. We’re going to do this, we’re going to listen to what you guys say over time, and put the features that you guys want into it.”, Cuz added. 

EA has also explained the business model of its upcoming venture

As a free-to-play game, the game will have microtransactions for the monetization of the game. However, the developers revealed that the game would have no pay-to-win feature. Players will not need money to unlock certain areas of the game. “We are taking inspiration from games like Apex Legends or other popular titles that are free to play, where spending money is optional, and it’s mostly about cosmetics and convenience.” Isabelle Mocquard, head of product management at EA, said. The developers also plan on having seasonal drops and live events in the game. 

A mobile version of Skate is also in development with cross-play and cross-progression

Skate will primarily be released as a free-to-play game on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. The developers announced that a mobile game version of Skate is also in development. The game will also feature cross-play and cross-progression after the mobile version arrives. The developers still did not announce the game’s release date on any of the platforms.

Skate has been a long-awaited game for the fans of the series. With the famous skateboarding game coming to mobile, it will change the whole dimension of the game. With many big games entering the mobile gaming industry, we can only hope the industry will progress further.

Are you excited as Electronic Arts announced that the mobile version of Skate is being developed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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