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Eastern Odyssey is a gacha RPG from Gtarcade, now available for pre-registration

Begin your journey to the west!

Eastern Odyssey, a silkpunk 3D gacha RPG from GTarcade is now available for pre-registration. It is anticipated that the closed beta test for the game will begin around the end of December.

Embark on a journey to the west in Eastern Odyssey

Eastern Odyssey takes place in Grand Tang‘s civilization and is modeled on Journey to the West, bringing a multicultural fantasy experience by fusing industrial sci-fi elements into a beautiful, vintage game setting.

Image via Yoozoo Pte. Ltd.

Asian mythology and legends collide with technology in this epic battle. The Silk Road links the ancient East and the West in a parallel universe of the Grand Tang’s 300 years of prosperity. Start in Chang’an and embark on a singular journey to the west where various cultures collide in this fantastical setting.

The game features a rich story and multiple characters from various factions

Mana Energy’s discovery allowed the Kingdom of Grand Tang to experience an unheard-of period of industrial prosperity. However, the negative force Miasma, which sends everything into a state of lunacy, emerged as a result of the new energy being used excessively. The upshot was that the world’s peace began to disintegrate.

Eastern Odyssey pre-registration
Image via Gtarcade

To find redemption for the entire globe, players will play the role of a seeker and travel to the West with their squad. Take part in a 3D adventure with a compelling tale and an excellent soundtrack. Meet characters from four factions who have distinctive personalities and put up a magnificent performance for players:

  • The “Meruvian” and “Eternals” are two groups of Deities who work together to preserve the world’s order;
  • A human organization called “Azure” employs Mana technology in a variety of ways;
  • The “Wanling” are beings, including plants and animals, that have developed peculiar skills.

Eastern Odyssey combines strategy with card gameplay elements

The Wanling faction’s Monkey King formerly wreaked havoc in both Heaven and the Nether with his motto of revolt. He was the Great Sage in the past, and now he is a trustworthy companion on the players’ westward trek. Monkey King makes the impossibility conceivable by using a Golden Cudgel and the Somersault Cloud as his feet.

Enjoy countless strategic card gameplay and countless lineup options. Every character has the potential to reach the greatest level, therefore each R character that players acquire has the potential to turn into an SSR character, bringing with it incredible progression and a wealth of progression elements!

The only path to triumph in a world where affluence hides a crisis is by assembling the strongest squad possible. Android players can pre-register for the game from their respective Google Play Stores, while interested players can check the game’s official website and Facebook Page here.

What are your thoughts as Eastern Odyssey is available for pre-registration? Do let us know in the comments below!

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